Ever since Riot Games released its first gameplay preview trailer for Valorant, the gaming community is looking forward to another first-person team shooter to take the crown from the old man CS: GO and the young but flop phenomenon - Overwatch. And it seems that we don't have to wait for much longer since it's finally the time for Closed Beta released.

To be more specific, Riot will open the Closed Beta phase for Valorant next week. The steps to sign up for the early experiences of this free-to-play shooter is very simple, but it will not be available for India right at the initial launch. However, Riot also revealed that things might change based on the Coronavirus situation, which we can give a little hope about.

Before getting into the details, let's see the gameplay trailer of the Chinese hero in Valorant - Sage below:

Quick introduction of Valorant

If you haven't heard about this game yet, Valorant is one of Riot Games' ambition to reach its brands to many other fields after receiving huge success from League of Legends. They include a League of Legends game for mobile  - Wild Rift, a card-collecting game League of Runnettera for both mobile and PC, and Valorant - a first-person 5v5 team-based hero shooter for PC.

Valorant Closed Beta April 7
The recoil in Valorant is quite insignificant

Basically, Valorant is the blend of the team-based shooting experience from CS:GO under the performance of the hero characters with resemblances to Overwatch. The trailer above is an example - Sage is a support type of character, who has the ability to recover HP for her teammates, as well as her ultimate to revive them - just like how Mercy works in Overwatch.

Valorant Closed Beta April 7
Apart from Sage, there are 9 more characters to choose, and more to come in the future

However, Valorant will lean more toward CS:GO, since all the characters' abilities, especially their ultimates can only be used in strict conditions with insanely long cooldowns. We have a specific overview on Valorant's gameplay here, which you can have a look for more details, and to prepare for the upcoming beta.

Valorant Closed Beta starts on April 7

According to Riot Games, the Closed Beta phase of Valorant will take place on April 7. This means exactly 1 week later, players will have the chance to try and confirm what they have known so far. However, this is not for all players, as for now, only gamers from the United States, Canada, Russia, Europe, and Turkey can take part in the first beta stage.

Valorant Closed Beta April 7
Valorant's first beta phase will not be available in India

But there's still hope for Indian gamers want to try Valorant. Riot Games revealed that more regions will be added to the supported list later on, and things might change in accordance with ongoing of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Valorant Gameplay Preview Trailer 7
There are still hope for us to be able to try the game beforehand

And before Riot Games rolls out a server for Indians, it's best that we prepare for it beforehand. To be more specific, you'll need to sign-up for a Riot account first, and here are the steps to prepare for Valorant's beta sign-up:

  • Sign up for a Riot account via League of Legends sign-up page. You can find it here.
  • Sign up for a Twitch account (if you already have it, then skip this step)
  • Link your Riot account and Twitch account together
  • Go to Twitch and watch future live streams on Valorant to find the next steps to have access to the closed beta.

Gurugamer will deliver the latest update for you when the specific Livestream for Valorant aired, so be sure to keep up with us. For now, you can find more news on gaming and hot photos of Indian celebrities here and here, and stay safe inside!