Steam Awards is actually a rather new event held by Valve in order to let the fans vote for their most favorite videogames on Steam. Every year from 2016 till now, the community has been voting for various creative categories, ranging from the usual “Game of the Year” to “Labor of Love”. While the general list of winners does not have much surprise factor, there is still something that stands out to catch the players’ attention.

A full list for all the winners

The winner for Steam’s Game of the Year is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by From Software. While the position was heavily contested by Resident Evil 2 Remake and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it is pretty much a given that Sekiro would be able to overcome them both. After all, the game already won a Game of the Year during The Game Awards 2019.

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Sekiro has been getting pretty much everything this year

VR Game of the Year goes to Beat Saber, unsurprisingly, as it is the most polished game amongst all those mediocre VRs. A Plague Tale beat Disco Elysium on the Story Rich category with its Star Power alone, as Disco is still pretty much unknown before its highlights in The Game Awards.

Besides that, My Friend Pedro gets the Most Innovative Gameplay, despite being just another side-scrolling shooter. Gris and DayZ get the prize for Outstanding Visuals and Better With Friends respectively.

A Plague tale: Innocence is great, but it is not nearly as long as Disco Elysium

Furthermore, there are a few categories of the Awards that are less straightforward, which might require a bit more explanation. Labor of Love is about games with continuous support since release, with GTA 5 being the winner yet again. The fact that GTA 5 keeps winning year after years proves that Steam Awards is more of a Popularity award than anything else. The last category, Best Games You Suck At is about hard games that truly test your skill, and in this, Mortal Kombat 11 ended up being the winner.

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