Cyberpunk is an old genre, dated back to the 1980s. It is a subgenre of science fiction that takes place in a dystopian future setting in which people struggle in a high-tech world that doesn’t really care. Prominent elements in the settings are various technical and scientific advancements like AI and cybernetics (that’s the “cyber” part).

10 – Anachronox

769437 Anachronox Windows Screenshot These Termina
Reading the lore would be an essential part of the experience

Another Cyberpunk game from Ion Storm, Anachronox is pretty unique, featuring elements that are vastly different from the usual trope (indie-rock). You would spend the whole game traveling around with Anachronox, a shrunken planet, as your companion. About the gameplay, it is more or less a JRPG with turn-based action in a 3D map. You will be exploring space vessels, futuristic cities, and alien landscapes playing this game. While it’s rather dated, the experience is pretty much unforgettable.

9 – Beneath A Steel Sky

Steve Ince Steel Sky 1
The world design of Beneath a Steel Sky is just unreal, with skyscrapers upon skyscrapers

The Point & Click adventure Beneath A Steel Sky offered a different take to the cyberpunk setting – the protagonist gets dropped into a city that’s controlled by a sadistic omnipresent AI computer system named LINC. To save the city and your own life, you have to dig into the cyberspace for clues while avoiding all the potential dangers. Your trusty robot companion, Joey, would be with you all the way. The best part is that the game is completely free.

8 – Technobabylon

Despite its pixel graphics, Technobabylon tells an amazing story

A fantastic point & click game, Technobabylon actually stands out by going against the usual cyberpunk trope. The genre is cold, more often than not, with a lot of focus on the pessimism feeling of humans living in a dystopia, along with the inhumanity of technology. The main story of the game focuses on entirely human elements like family, isolation, loss, and community. The staple genre elements remain, however, with human bombs terrorists, restaurants with cloned human flesh, and the like.

7 – Va-11 Hall-A

Ex Trident Va 11 Hall A
Mixing drinks and changing lives in the cyberpunk bar of Vallhalla

While most other games are about fighting the system, the scope of Vallhalla is way smaller. It is a mix of a bartending sim and visual novel sim, with you trying to mix a good drink for your customers while listening to their life story. Only by doing it correctly would you make them talk and reveal more details about the cruel world outside. Combined that with the excellent music, Vallhalla is a great game to play while chilling.

6 – EYE: Divine Cybermancy

A pure team-based FPS with RPG elements. Before Borderlands, there was this title.

EYE is an RPG/FPS in which your objective is just to grind through waves upon waves of enemies, with your guns and special power. The story begins with you awoke from a coma, with all your squadmates dead around you. Your quest afterward is to go on a rampage of revenge and stop the big bad from destroying the world. This game is best for people whole love the combat of Deus Ex.

5 – System Shock 2

One of the best single-player adventure RPG out there - it is rather dated, however.

This series is a deviation from the usual cyberpunk tropes, as it happens in a futuristic space station. However, the thing remains to be one of the most successful attempts ever made in the genre. The first game’s villain, Evil AI Shodan is back, with a lot more tricks under its sleeve. While the game ditched the cyberspace parts from the previous series, it made up for the loss by new elements of “transhumanism”, in which you would modify your own body by various enhances.

4 – Watch Dog 2

43 436100 Wallpaper Watch Dogs 2 Men Marcus Hollow
The protagonist and the team's main vehicle in a heist

While Watch Dog 2 has way fewer Cyberpunk elements than its predecessor, it is a far better game. It has taken every good thing from the first game and fine-tuned them, such as the city hacking and weapon hacking. Overall, the sequel does not have much of a story, but it is still serviceable. The new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, is way more compelling than the previous one, as he is actually a part of something important.

3 – Blade Runner

20191216 Nl Main Art
A spitting image of the usual trenchcoat detective trope

Westwood’s adaptation of Blade Runner has definitely been pretty successful in replicating the feel of the movie, with all the locations recreated with a fully detailed background. The game is a brand new story in the same universe, which occurs at the same time as the movie. In this game, you would get to immerse yourself in the settings and do a lot of exciting things such as the Voight-Kampff test or fight replicants.

2 – Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Ss Bab14a65487d85f2d9a44bf8cbe545c5fcbc4590 1920x1
The turn-based gameplay in Dragonfall is really engaging, with a lot of tactical options for you to pick

The best Shadowrun game to date, with excellent story and gameplay. Shadowrun is a little bit different from the usual cyberpunk settings, with various new additions like magic and fantastical creatures. The twists work, as the setting is fresh to everyone, even the die-hard fans of the genre. This is a turn-based heavy RPG game, with your stats and character build affecting every decision you make inside the game. The best part of the game, however, is the story – a masterful adventure with all the twists and turns.

1 – Deus Ex Human Revolution

Deus Ex Hr Image Hbp1e
In Deus Ex HR, you can either approach stealthily or go in gun blazing

While the first game is great, it is too outdated, and some of its ideas are not suitable for today’s standards. Human Revolution was built around conspiracy theories, transhumanism, and its repercussions. You would step into the shoes of Adam Jensen, a super cop whose job is to unravel a conspiracy related to his employer and the future of the world. The gameplay was designed masterfully, with both stealth and combat weaved together by a unique RPG system.

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