World War II is the common concept for many video games, and Vendetta 1943 is the latest game to take these settings to their goods. Recently, the developer of this game has released some in-game screenshots, which you can have a look below:

Vendetta 1943 - Image from its trailer
Vendetta 1943 - Image from its trailer

Vendetta 1943 - a new WW2-themed shooter

Recently, Lancaster Devs has announced Vendetta 1943, a new first-person shooting game that they are working on. The game will put you in the context of World War II, back in 1943.

Belonging to the realistic cooperative MMO, Vendetta 1943 will give you lots of remarkable experience in such practical wars. Notably, the maps in the game have such fairly detailed design, based on the real world.

Vendetta 1943 realistic maps
Vendetta 1943 realistic maps

Also, the way you use your arsenal has lots of similarities with the real war. In the game, your team will have to bring out the best fighting action. Some special effects will complement your strategy, uncertainty and adrenaline as well.

The game has its first revealed trailer and gameplay screenshots

Through the game trailer and its gameplay screenshots, we have some clues about how it is going to be. The game will give you lots of activities taking place in beaches such as Utah/Omaha. Some activities will also take place in towns like Sainte-Mère-Église,  Carentan or Sainte-Marie-du-Mont.

The players will roll into the battles in many battlefields like roads, towns, and farms of the game maps. Moreover, the players also can recreate the fight battles or the game missions in the given locations of the server.

Some of the first images of the game are now public for the fans to see its present state. Also, you can see how the game looks like through the trailer that the team has released recently. As you see, the game looks stunning but still has some unexpected faults.

Hopefully, the team will recover it and give us the best game ever. Below are the reveal trailer of the game, which you can see for more details

Vendetta 1943 is coming for PC at an unknown date.