Rising Hell is a vertical platformer roguelike from Tahoe Games. The game is all about blood, chaos and thrilling experiences as you climb up from the depth of hell. You can check the trailer of Rising Hell below.

Into the game, you will be playing as Arok, a powerful sinner who is thrown into the deepest level of hell. But he is no ordinary person. Within him is a mysterious power that gives him immense strength, strange abilities and a demonized arm that capable of killing demons. Your job is to climb your way out of hell with heavy-metal riffs. On your way up through Beelzebub’s Lair, you will encounter many different kinds of creatures, living traps, and bosses. Use your chaining combos, jumping maneuvers to fight your way through the merciless hell.

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Fight against giant bosses in hell

The game features a few other characters and talents that you can unlock throughout the game. There are also several pits of hell, each with their own monsters, bosses, and traps lurking around, waiting to end your life. Each climb will be totally different thanks to the randomly generated and ever-changing landscape.

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Climb your way through a hell of creatures and traps

If you want an even harder experience, Rising Hell has challenge modes waiting for you. During the Early Access, the game offer players 2 different modes. You can choose to get locked in a room full of monsters or you will have to fight with all the giant bosses such as Eye of Sauron, Beelzebub with no health regen between matches. It's either you or them. Will you be able to kill all of them before they do the same to you?

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Use your combos to slay all the demons

Rising Hell will be coming to Steam Early Access on October 17, 2019 for PC.