Releasing this summer, Void Bastards should be wrapping the pulp comic aesthetic up to be an amazing intergalactic strategy shooter.

Void Bastards
Void Bastards is a revolutionary shooter to test your wits and your aim.

Void Bastards appeared at the GDC’s ID@Xbox event yesterday. The demonstration featured Ben Lee, the game’ tattooed art director, wearing a turquoise beard. You can really tell that it totally fitted, as Void Bastards was among, if not, the flashiest indies. It definitely looked like a sci-fi high-budget graphic novel that comes to life and spliced with a Duke Nukem fan game.

Gameplay overview

In the game, you’re playing the role of a space convict. On the spaceship, as a prisoner, they are “rehydrated” according to Lee in an attempt to fix the malfunctioning engine. After coming back to life, you must use your time wisely to manage the resources in an old-school shooter form. You’ll need to work your way towards escaping the nebula.

Void Bastards
Can you lead the prisoners through a world of myriad dangers and get off the Sargasso Nebula?

Furthermore, you will be playing multiple characters rather than just one person throughout the game. Whenever the current character dies, a new character comes in play with new traits for you to follow-up. Such traits could be the debility “smoker” that lets you alert incoming enemies, or maybe just a simple one that gives you excellent aim.

Overall, there are 2 things that stuck out after a short trial play of Void Bastards: its gritty artwork as well as the sheer number of systems within. It’s recognizable that your aim gets worse when you step on some space mushrooms. Also, there’s a “workbench” that improves your weapons and tools, a supplies-acquisition system, a navigation screen and the actual meaty shooter. We shall see in no time if all these features work out well for Void Bastards after its release.

Void Bastards
Void Bastards shall come out this summer on both Steam and Xbox.