The authorities under Donald Trump's regime is really taking video games as a huge factor contributing to recent shooting cases. Hence, to gain favorable attitudes from the government, Walmart is performing tough steps toward video games now.

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Walmart is supporting Donald Trump's opinions toward video games

Many media outlets have announced that Walmart is ordering its employees to take down every video game displays that contain violent element. It seems that the store has taken it side now.

Walmart secretly told employees to get rid of any violence displays on video games

Recently, there are some Walmart employees reporting their cases on Reddit. They've stated that Walmart has given them documents guiding their actions that related to video games.

To be more specific, the document contains two main parts. The first part suggests that employees must cut off "any signing or displays that contain violent images or aggressive behavior". The targets of this action are any displays promoting violent video games.

Walmart Commands Employees To Remove Violent Video
Video games are the targets of Walmart's efforts regarding violence.

To make it clear, the giant retailer narrowed down the concept of "violent video games" into third-person shooters and combat games. Furthermore, Walmart also demands that its employee remove those signages even in some unclear cases. They said that it's a necessary "precaution measure"!

Walmart Commands Employees To Remove Violent Video
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands lies under this corner, too!

Meanwhile, in the second part, Walmart signified the importance of this, stressing that they need to do it "immediately". The document gives out several bullets about the actions toward certain cases, including:

(1) "turn off" or "remove" the promoting displays and the consoles that illustrating violent video games. They also clearly named PlayStation and Xbox devices, and suggest that those footages will be updated by the merchandiser next week.

(2) "remove" or "cancel" any promotions events regarding these issues.

(3) "turn off hunting season videos". Be mindful that the retailer only asks to cut off violent actions including hunting videos but not videos that consist of guns.

But it still continues to sell guns!

Recently, Walmart has been under fire for its gun-selling policy. In fact, most Americans acknowledge that Walmart is the top gun sellers in the industry, with over almost 5,000 branches selling guns in the region. More shocking, that number accounts for nearly half of its stores in the US!

Walmart Commands Employees To Remove Violent Video
Walmart sells "unbeatable" guns on almost 5,000 stores

And with cases El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, people are even more concerned. They've been urging the retailer to put an end to its gun selling policy but in vain. It has announced that its stores will keep putting more guns on the shelf!

Instead, Walmart decided to shift its blame to video games, support the unreasonably tough attitudes toward video games of Donald Trump. If you haven't heard of it, the President has blatantly accused “gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace” for the Ohio incident.

Walmart Commands Employees To Remove Violent Video
According to President Trump, Fortnite is not "gruesome".

I really don't understand. Is video games even more deadly than real guns? I think most of us have the answers, but it's not the case for the authorities and Walmart. Or they're just ignoring it to find one factor to blame. That's the worse scenario that can exist, and it's very likely to be real.

With the support of the government, it seems that Walmart will continue to live its life long. However, it will surely lose the heart of video games' fans. And since it has already upset the customers and the protestors, some might have to suffer for now.

Walmart Commands Employees To Remove Violent Video
Maybe at some times in the future, we can't buy games on Walmart.

Let's see how far can this trend goes!