Should you be a fan of tactical RPGs, you might have heard about Wave Light Games, the studio that created a fever on the mobile game market several years ago with Demon’s Rise.

Demon’s Rise was a firm strategy RPG and has some of the most interesting and creative character classes in this sector. One year after its launch, a sequel titled Demon’s Rise 2 was released, which brings a new approach by allowing you to play as various evil characters. Both game versions were regularly updated and added more new features and content.

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Demon's Rise scene

It is known that Wave Light also launched another tactical RPG called Strike Team Hydra in August 2017. It prefers the use of sci-fi theme to fantasy theme, and like its cousin Demon’s Rise, this title was another incredible mobile-based tactical RPG.

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Strike Team Hydra

Shieldwall Chronicles trailer & features

Last year, Wave Light Games started bringing all of these games to Steam and they’ve all received positive feedback. Now, for their latest game called Shieldwall Chronicles, Wave Light actually decided to launch it first on Steam last month. At present, they are on track to introduce this game to the mobile platform. Below is a short trailer of this mobile version.

From the trailer, you can surely realize the similarity between Shieldwall Chronicles, Strike Team Hydra, and the Demon’s Rise games. Although Shieldwall Chronicles run in the same engine, it has more powerful animations, visuals, gameplay and audio than that of previous releases. In addition, the campaign of Shieldwall Chronicles can last over 50 hours with a story like a multiple-branching-path gamebook, which is another interesting new feature.

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Shieldwall Chronicles

Moreover, a morale system is also included in the game which will improve the performance of your troops when they witness their fellow combatants do well. Vice versa, if their comrades are falling or missing their attacks, they will not fight as effectively. All this sounds incredible and Shieldwall Chronicles has been actually well-welcomed on Steam.

The iOS version of the game is scheduled to launch on the 31st of January. However, before that launch, Wave Light is carrying out a small beta test to eliminate all issues that can happen at last minutes.

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