For many people, it simply isn’t enough just to have a good gaming setup. Nowadays, people want their PC, consoles and monitors to be an alive part of the room as well. A tiny bit of flair will make their setup feels more personal and reachable.

Wall mounting can be a perfect solution towards a perfectly personalized setup. In fact, it adds a special touch to your devices to have them floating on your walls.

Wall mounting - gaming setup
Mount your gaming systems to the walls! It'll do more good than harm.

Believe it or not, there are even more benefits in such customizations that you don’t know just yet. Hence, we’re going through some of the best reasons to start mounting your systems right now!

It saves space

The heading says it all. Whatever playing platform you’re having, you’d definitely want to make the most out of it. By mounting your system to the walls, you’ll ensure much more space.

In case you want something even more innovative, use adjustable mounts. It works for most devices: cable boxes, networking modems, you name it!

It increases air flow

Increasing the airflow around your playing area is extremely beneficial. A cooler system allows you to perform in the best condition and “survive” the stress within matches.

Wall mounting - gaming setup
A nice gaming setup may drastically improve your gaming performance.

It’s even more important to do this in warmer gaming environments. Traditionally gaming systems don’t include technology performance assistance, so bringing in fresh air can protect your tech better and make them live longer.

It’s better for your health

You might not notice this but staring at poorly-positioned screens for a long time can cause serious long-term damage. The common symptoms include neck and shoulder pain. In case these happen to you, make sure you visit a doctor and as importantly, adjust your tech setup for peak performance.

Wall mounting - gaming setup
Wall mounting is good for your health, so why not?

It boosts audio output

After all the setup and positioning, you need a decent set of speakers. To help with this, speaker mounts are there manage your surrounding audio.

In gaming, you know that it’s incredibly essential to be able to hear where the in-game noise comes from. Speaker mounts properly spread your speakers out and you’ll never miss any sound ever again.

All in all

These are some clear benefits on how mounting your setup improves your gaming experience. It’s probably the right time now to take a closer look at your current gaming setup, isn’t it?