Overall, Wo Long is like Sekiro with a more aggressive playstyle. It's good and flashy with very tight control. It is hard and kinda unique and while it's nothing like Nioh, it HAS some elements of it. The superb character creator is in this game too, and so are the spell, skill and gear systems. Also, the game's vibe is a lot like Nioh.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

There are 51 Achievements in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Players can unlock all of them in one playthrough. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide to 100% achievement Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

There are no missable achievements in Wo Long, and none of them requires multiplayer.

Story Achievements

Players will automatically unlock all the following achievements after completing the story.

  • Journey's Beginning
  • Vow of the Stalwart
  • Will of the Loyal
  • Ambition of the Tiger
  • Guardian of Peace
  • Awakening of the Unscrupulous Hero
  • Mightiest of Men
  • Guidance of the Constellations
  • Succession
  • Familial Ties
  • The Steadfast Duo
  • Fearless Warrior
  • Entrusted Legacy
  • Aspiration and Amity
  • Dreams of Unity
  • Annihilator of Evil
  • Open Eyes

Combat / Upgrade Achievements

Combat / Upgrade Achievements

At Fifteen I Joined the Army

Reach Level 15

Only at Eighty Did I Finally Return

Reached Level 80


Complete 15 side zones throughout the game.

Hunting the Great Deer

Complete all main and side missions.


Upgrade your first piece of equipment. You'll encounter a friendly NPC after the first boss in zone 2 just past the Battle Flag. Speak to her a few times and she will give you the option to upgrade equipment.


Upgraded a weapon to its fullest capacity.


Upgraded a piece of armor to its fullest capacity.

All That Glitters

Embedded your first jewel at the ForgeAt the Wandering Blacksmith, embed your first jewel. This is unlocked after Act 2 and making it to the Hidden Village.

Decor Maketh the Man

At the Wandering Blacksmith, decorate your first item. This is unlocked after Act 2 and making it to the Hidden Village.

Wizardry Beginner

At any Battle Flag, level up to 5 and then purchase your first spell.

Wizardry Master

Level up enough to purchase all spells.

First Phase

During main mission 3, a tutorial will pop up showing you which phase will neutralize the other. The easiest way to get this is to set a water-based spell and use on on a patch of fire during mission 3.


In any mission, raise Morale to level 20 by defeating enemies without dying or getting hit. You will also get this when placing all Battle Flags, large and small, during a mission.

Fantastic Form

While playing, you'll get items with the 4★ rank, and equip them in each slot.

Pots and Potions

Upgraded the Dragon's Cure Pot to its greatest capacity and effectiveness

  • Dragon Vein Crystal 1 - During "Two Chivalrous Heroes", after the monkey boss. Continue past the blacksmith and the crystal will be along the main path in a small room past the open area with a few enemies.
  • Dragon Vein Essence 1 - During sub-mission "The Yellow Heaven Burns", you'll backtrack through "Two Chivalrous Heroes". The Essence will be outside the Monkey boss arena in the item box.
  • Dragon Vein Essence 2 - During "The Valley of Crying Wraiths.", guarded by 2 tigers about halfway through the mission.
  • Dragon Vein Crystal 2 - During "The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven", it will be in the semi-open area with 3-4 of the ogre enemies.

Sharp Reflexes

Parry the powerful hits when enemies turn red. Do this 10 times.

Vulnerable Moments

After breaking an enemy's guard, perform a critical hit by walking up to them and pressing the heavy attack button. Do this 50 times.

Side by Side

Complete 10 missions with a companion. Works with NPC summons as well.

Eye for an Eye

Defeat 10 enemy players. Works with NPC invaders as well.

Righteous Judgment

Kill enemies around the graves of other players and you will avenge them.

Collection/Misc Achievements

1661656088 Doan Gioi Thieu Gameplay Cua Wo Long Fa
Collection/Misc Achievements


Collect all tablets

How Cute!

Feed your first Shi-tieshou

How Precious!

Feed all of the Shi-tieshou

Merit Beyond Measure

Level any NPC ally to 10 and they will give you some items.

Great Gatherings

Joined forces with all available warriors

Best Flag Forward

In any zone, raise a Battle Flag.

Fly It High

Raised all Battle Flags

Call to Arms

You'll acquire Tiger Seals as you play. They allow you to summon players for help. Use 10 of them.


20 Shells can be given to the man on the tall tower in the Hidden Village.

Mission Specific Achievements

Staunching Heresy

During "The Valley of Crying Wraiths", defeat all Warlocks who empower nearby enemy soldiers. The last one is in the cave behind the waterfall to the right path. You'll probably get this by exploring and unlocking all Battle Flags.

Heroes Will Rise

During "Centuries of Glory Burned Away", the dragon, Xielong, will spawn on a little tower in the middle of the map. Shoot at him until he flies away and the achievement will unlock.

Dogged Justice

Save the captured Hermits in "Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch"

Strung Bow

During "The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass", you'll come across multiple ballistas. Use these to defeat 5 enemies.

Wo Long

Unlock all achievements

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