Similar to Souls games, weapons fundamentally change how Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is played. They have varying damage, attack animation, speed so that at first glance it might be a bit difficult to figure out which is better.

Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete weapon tier list for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty so that players could have an easier time clearing the game. Keep in mind that all playstyle can work in Wo Long - you can still beat the game with an F-tier weapon, as long as you have the skill.

Note: This list compares the best weapons available from each weapon type. Early and mid game options might differ.

1. S-Tier

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Wo Long combat
  • Repeating Crossbow
  • Slashing Spear
  • Staff

The Bamboo Repeating Crossbow is pretty much the best ranged weapon in the game, far surpassing others in both damage and fire rate.

The Spear of King Fuchai, a Slashing Spear, has the highest DPS (damage per strike) in the game, it can delivers massive damage to stunned foes. Even if players are already using other weapons, they might want to learn the Slashing Spear.

The Golden Staff of King Yufu is the only melee weapon with an A rating or better from any given attribute. It draws power from the wood virtue, which allows players to deal damage while having decent durability. The damage and attack speed of this staff is also quite formidable.

2. A-Tier

  • Dual Halberd
  • Dual Sword
  • Sword

The Dual Halberds of Lady Hao has the third highest DPS in the game, with an A- from the wood virtue. While they deal a bit less damage per hit than a regular Halberd, their attack speed is faster which result in more damage overall.

Dual Swords should be the best and easiest weapon to get for most of the campaign, on par with the best early-game build. The Gan Jiang and Mo Ye Dual Swords are the best, but their damage is a bit below other weapon types. To use them effectively, players need to take advantage of their A-  boost from water virtues with a caster/fighter build.

The Sword of Yu the Great is fairly similar to the starting weapon. It is quick, easy to block and parry, with a decent damage rating on top of that. Players should definitely consider it for metal builds due to its A- benefit.

3. B-Tier

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Not many weapons are strong from early to late game.
  • Glaive
  • Halberd
  • Spear

The Glaive is not nearly as slow as it looks, despite being a large weapon. It can deal with groups of enemies at the same time, however, against a single foe, the Triumphant Conquest does less damage. While the A- from metal virtue helps, players should just stick with a sword if possible.

The Sky-Piercing Halberd, with a solid A- boost from fire, is tied with the Spear of King Fuchai as having the highest damage per strike in the game. Similar to the Glaive, it is effective against multiple foes, but the low attack speed lower the potential DPS drastically. Players can't really swing more than once before having to switch back to defense.

The Spear of the Hegemon-King is a lesser version of the Golden Staff of King Yufu. It does less damage, has less scaling and attacks slower. The extra range is useful but not worth the damage tradeoff.

4. C-Tier

  • Bow
  • Curved Sabre
  • Hammer

Except for the Flying General's Bow, the bows in Wo Long are super weak. It has an incredible A+ from fire and Fire builds should be able to use this weapon effectively. Any other build should go with the Bamboo Repeating Crossbow.

Despite having an A- boost from fire, the Drought Demon Blade, a Curved Sabre, is a bit middling. It deal about the same damage as the Dual Halberds of Lady Hao, but has a slower attack speed.

The Quake Griffin Hammer is too slow - players usually get themselves into a bad spot after swinging once. Its damage is also not that great.

5. F-Tier

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Offense is the best defense.

The reasons that these weapons are in the bottom tier is because of their low scaling, which leads to a much lower DPS.

  • Crossbow
  • Dual Sabre
  • Poleaxe
  • Straight Sabre

All Crossbows are inferior to the Bamboo Repeating Crossbow. They deal about a third of the damage and has slower attack speed.

Dual Sabres deal much less damage than Dual Swords and Dual Halberds, with pitifully low scaling from virtues.

The best Poleaxe has like half the damage of other long range weapons, with the same low scaling as the dual sabres.

Even the best straight sabre can only deal one third of the damage of the usual higher tier weapons. Similarly, it also has C- from its best virtues.

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