Dead Space adds more than just a new coat of paint on top of the 2008 original horror shooter. There are new scares, overhauled mechanics to explore the ship, and different encounters that can spook even fans of the original. However, the best addition is probably the NG+ mode and a new secret ending that ties directly to Dead Space 2.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to get the secret ending of Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Secret Ending

About Dead Space Remake Secret Ending

Players can only unlock this ending by replaying the game in NG+. This mode has even steeper difficulty, with new variants of Necromorph and improved gear like the Level 6 Advanced Suit.

During the playthrough, players need to collect all 12 Marker Fragments.

Dead Space Marker Fragment locations

  • Fragment #1: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control F1 | Maintenance Bay – The first Marker Fragment is available in chapter one on the Tram Control deck, and is directly in your path.
  • Fragment #2: Medical F1 | Dr. T. Kyne – CSO Office – Head into Terence Kyne's office. Use kinesis to slide his bookcase to the side, revealing a secret room with the Marker Fragment resting on an altar.
  • Fragment #3: Engineering F3 | Engine Room – In the upper-right corner of the Engine Room on the map. In a very dark corner. Use the glowing purple of the fragment to find it.
  • Fragment #4: Bridge F1 | Break Room – On the floor in the creepy room with the ritual circle.
  • Fragment #5: Medical F4 | Dr. C. Mercer – 250 Office – After the Hunter is released, you'll have to head to Dr. Mercer's office to override the lockdown. You can find the Marker Fragment here on the table below the opened-up Necromorph Infector specimen.
  • Fragment #6: Medical F4 | Cryogenics – This one is very tricky. Go to the southwest door leading to the hallway south of Cryogenics, then turn around and look at the top of the machinery. You’ll have to pull the marker to you.
  • Fragment #7: Hydroponics F4 | East Grow Area – Another tricky one. While on the way to pilot the shutter to the planet surface, look for glowing purple light in the dark of the zero-g section.
  • Fragment #8: Mining F5 | Mineral Samples – Found in the small storage room on the quest to the SOS Beacon. This is the only one that requires Security Clearance to grab.
  • Fragment #9: Communications Hub F2 | N/A – In the large zero-g room with disgusting flesh growth, look in one of the dark crevasses of the meat wall. There’s a purple light inside.
  • Fragment #10: Crew Quarters F3 | Deluxe Shift Bunks – On the desk in the long bunk room. Look on the east wall.
  • Fragment #11: Crew Quarters F3 | Inquiry Desks – The eleventh Marker Fragment is located in the room where you meet Terence Kyne on the Crew Deck.
  • Fragment #12: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control F1 | Cargo Bay – In the southeast corner of the large room. You’ll find the last fragment on the floor near a shelf.

With all 12 fragments, travel to the ritual site in Crew Quarters F3 | Captain’s Quarters. Interact with the strange shrine and a message will begin. This will initiates the secret ending. The game would not continue right away, of course - the players still need to get through the rest of the way and beat the final boss.

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