World War 3 for PC had a great debut, topping all kinds of charts on Steam. It is one of the few games manage to get on the first page of the New and Trending category. It is also the third place on the top-selling category. Nonetheless, it is not all roses and sunshine over there.

The game was expected to officially launch on Friday. And it did launch indeed, players flocking in from all kinds of places for this game, pushing it to top all the charts. However, there were some heavy issues on the server, making it impossible for anyone to play until the next day. The developers have released numerous patches and brought some players into this game since then. However, the path of World War 3 is still inaccessible to many people, including me.

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The game managed to top the best selling chart

It looks like after patching for a whole three days, the server is still closed off to many players. The developers have not made it clear what is wrong beyond some “connectivity issues”. However, they’ve been quite apologetic through announcements on Steam and Twitter.

In the announcement, they stated that they have taken it upon themselves to crush the bugs we reported, iron the wrinkle on the game canvas. All of those things were to satisfy us players and make the game stands out. However, they added that there were technical issues preventing them from delivering a perfect product and asked us to rally with them.

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... However, bugs are killing its pace

Thus, there is at least a confirmation that delivers copies will be handed alongside awkward eye contacts.

It is actually nice and surprising that most of the responses to the rallying statement have been actually supportive. Of course, there still are some salty comments here and there. However, a quite large chunk of the Internet looks uncharacteristically soft in giving the developers some leeway. After all, the game is still in early access.

While waiting to get in the game, here is a trailer for you to see: