World War Z, a new four-player cooperative third-person shooting game, is about to be released this April 16 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, according to the game's creator Saber Interactive and its distributor.

The PC adaptation of World War Z will only be available on Epic Games Store, the distributor of Fortnite on PC.

If you pre-order the game, you will be granted the reward Lobo Weapon Pack. This pack is an exceptional loot box that consists of three golden skins for 3 guns, including the 1911 Protector, Keris V10 SMG, and the assault rifle ARK-103 plus a 2-bladed spade called Lobo.

World War Z
World War Z will feature a world in which humanity is on the edge of extinction and survivors have to stand together in order to live.

The game will feature massive hordes of reckless zombies that will never stop hunting down their living preys. Incorporated with fast-paced gameplay and exceptional elements from the same name movie, World War Z is expected to show us a great yet unique storyline that helps us explore the post-apocalypse, full-of-zombie world in which humans have to gather and fight together in horrible, cruel attacks caused by those gruesome creatures.

World War Z will let you play in 3 major cities across the world - Moscow, Jerusalem, and New York, in each your team will have different story and mission but the same thing is to survive against vast numbers of bloodthirsty zombies. Once being put in dangerous situations, only cooperation and team-work can help you succeed and make humanity lives on.

You will be able to play in a total of 6 different classes, consisting of Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Exterminator, Fixer, and Medic. While each of these classes will have unique abilities and weapons that are useful in the field, your team has to work solidarily in order to ensure a victory. Powerful customizable weapons are also available.

Watch the gameplay demo: