From developer Benjamin Rivers Inc., Worse Than Death is a horror game with action-elements that revolves around a terrible high school reunion.

Worse Than Death
Worse Than Death - scary, action-adventure horror title that brings you back to an awful high school reunion where everything went wrong.

In the game, prepare to run for your own life and away from terrifying enemies by solving devious puzzles. These challenges will slowly uncover the secrets of your hometown where you spent your high school years. The scary horror title will put you up against monsters you cannot see, yet stand as great threats that you must deal with sooner or later.

Check out the game's launch trailer as below:

Gameplay overview

To begin with, you will control Holly, the one to crawling under tables, vaulting over obstacles, and running away from monsters. As mentioned above, some monsters won’t be visible, so you must be aware of the lights or the eerie sounds. Additionally, Holly’s heartbeat is also a thing to consider. When danger is near, survival instinct makes her heart pounds faster as a signal.

Unfortunately, just like in reality, you cannot run forever. The stamina bar indicates your ability to run, dash and vault over objects. Keep an eye out for the bar, make correct decisions about when to hide and when to run. Once you do, just pray that nothing finds you!

Wose Than Death
Pay attention to your stamina bar. It might be a matter between life & death!

Solving puzzles in the eerie atmosphere

While trying to survive invisible monsters, Worse Than Death offers a decent amount of puzzles for you to solve. Well, this is a game that makes you exercise both physically and mentally (serious thought required). Complete the puzzles and you’ll get closer to end the night and get away with pieces of dark secrets from the small town.

Worse Than Death
Solve mysterious puzzles and uncover dark secrets!

Overall, Worse Than Death is a treat for horror game lovers as you squeeze your brain for puzzles and run for your life. Needless to say, this is a perfect title in the event of Halloween this year.

The game is available for PC through The Humble Store and Steam. Mobile and consoles players can also enjoy the game, as it also supports iOS,  Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.