Worse Than Death - A new Horror game from Benjamin Rivers

If you’re into mobile gaming, you must have heard about Benjamin Rivers – a mobile game developer well-known for creating an outstanding narrative horror game titled Home ($2.99). The game was put on the store of iOS one year after the release of its PC and console version in 2012. Another title of his creation is Alone With You – a game for those who love sci-fi and adventure – which was published on PC and console in 2016 but still doesn’t have a plan to come to mobile.

But don’t you worry. Rivers is on the middle of the way to release his latest game titled Worse Than Death. The game is scheduled to be put on iOS store along with PS4, Switch, and Steam. Here is the official promotion and trailer for the upcoming Worse Than Death:

“Worse Than Death is a scary, emotional thriller about a high school reunion that goes horribly wrong. You play Holly, a tough, smart, 28-year-old who returns home to confront her past, only to face a nightmare she could never imagine. As she runs for her life, desperate to rescue her best friend Flynn from a terrible force that’s hunting them both, Holly must survive unexpected truths about her home town, her friends, and even herself."

About its graphics and story

There is a description about Worse Than Death: “Like an episode of X-Files fused with the dark melodrama of Riverdale".

After watching the trailer, I think I can agree with that. This game has an excellent graphic design with the animation inspired by pixel art. Furthermore, the fact that all illustrations in the style of a comic being done totally with an iPad Pro was astonishing and exciting as well.

The game is developed with pixel-art style.
The game is developed with pixel-art style.

Another cool story to tell about this game is the features allowing players to give their suggestions on certain parts of the plot prior to the release date, which I cannot be sure if I’ve ever heard about this before.

A Discord server has been created and opened for you to go through some background information about Sam – a lovely bartender of the town. Additionally, all those people who joined the server can participate in a poll for Sam’s next move every week, forming the final result of a side story that will be in a direct connection with the major lore of Worse Than Death!

Sidestory of Worse Than Death is being contributed by players.
Sidestory of Worse Than Death is being contributed by players.

However, the developer hasn’t released anything about the specific launch date, but we’re really close to it! So keep your eyes open, we will give you updates as soon as possible!