Microsoft's upcoming console Xbox Series X needs to do something to get its media coverage back from its main competitor - Sony's PlayStation 5. Recently, Sony was very proud to announce the ridiculously high-specs of the PS5, including the SSD that supports loading games in flashing high speed.

Ps5 Render
PS5 has made the first move with introducing its insanely fast SSD speed

However, it seems that the way Microsoft got Xbox Series X on the front page of media outlets is not that favorable. To be more specific, AMD - the giant tech company that powered Xbox Series X with its Navi GPU has admitted that the source code for the GPU of Xbox Series X was stolen by a hacker, and is currently held for ransom!

Noticeably, the hacker is demanding a huge amount of ransom money - 10 Crores USD! Let's find out about the reactions of AMD with us below, but now, let's have a look at the hands-on of the early stage Xbox Series X from famous tech Youtuber Austin Evan below:

A hacker tried to ransom AMD for their Xbox Series X GPU source code

On Wednesday, AMD has launched a blog post regarding a breach onto its intellectual property. While the tech giant didn't directly mention who is the stealer and which he has stolen, media outlets are very quick to catch what is happening. According to TorrentFreak, the hacker has stolen the source code for the graphics of Microsoft's newest console: Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Gpu Source Code Hacked 10 Crores Usd
Xbox Series X aka 'Xbox Fridge' has an inspirational design, especially for memes

To be more specific, AMD is a big contributor to the advent of Xbox Series X. To be more specific, its the provider of Xbox Series X's GPU - the Navi 2X GPU that was branded 'NVidia Killer' with incredible power that can power the whole system in 4K resolution and high frame-rate, fast loading time without any problem. Moreover, this Navi 2X GPU is also the founding of PS5's GPU as well. Basically, we can say that this 'Big Navi' GPU from AMD is their most important branding products right now.

Xbox Series X Gpu Source Code Hacked 10 Crores Usd
AMD's Navi GPU powered both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

That's why the moves from this hacker are very stupid. According to media sources, this person - claimed to be female - has hacked the source code from AMD since December last year, but chose not to do anything with it. But recently, she has uploaded its source code to the biggest code-sharing site for developers - Github, which is a breach of AMD's rights.

However, that's only the first threatening move from the hacker, as he has a 'bigger' plan behind. Taking the source code down not very long after, the hacker has sent a ransom note to AMD, asking them to pay him 10 Crore USD (around 748 Crores INR), or else, he will release the damp and dump the whole source code to the Internet.

Xbox Series X Gpu Source Code Hacked 10 Crores Usd
The technology behind the new Navi GPU was hacked back in December 2019, but is only dump recently

AMD takes a firm response

Holding ransom against big companies has never shown favorable results, so it's kind of dumb from this guy to do the same with AMD. Of course, the company doesn't want to let him do harm to its important IPs, but they will not choose to compromise with theft.

"We are working closely with law enforcement officials and other experts as a part of an ongoing criminal investigation." - said AMD on their upcoming action regarding this incident. It seems that the company is taking tough steps toward the case, and these steps will further lead to tension between the two sides.

Xbox Series X Gpu Source Code Hacked 10 Crores Usd
AMD will not let go their key tech for Xbox Series X that easily

Speaking about whether she has talked to AMD directly about the leak yet, the hacker said 'no'. To be more specific, she clarified that AMD will sue her anyway instead of accepting its flaws and trying to fix it, so why she had to do it anyway. "If there are no buyers, I'll just leak everything" - the hacker concluded.

Xbox Series X Gpu Source Code Hacked 10 Crores Usd
AMD after the leak be like

We're not sure whether and how this leak will influence the launch of Xbox Series X yet, but it's definitely not a good way to start a competition with PS5 this way! Gurugamer will update the latest information on this scandal on the future, but for now, you can have a look at the specific specs of the PS5 in our previous article here.