Here is a bargain that you wouldn't want to miss even if you don't play Rocket League. Rocket League is now officially free-to-play and now on Epic Games Store. If you claim Rocket League in Epic Games Store now, you will get a $10 credit coupon for free and it is that simple.

The deal will be available from now until October 23rd and the coupon will be available until November 1st. Note that according to Epic Games policy, you can only use this coupon for purchases that cost $14.99 or more.

This is likely a move from Epic Games to pull more Rocket League players away from Steam as it has been delisted on Steam. Players who have bought the game on Steam can still download and play the game but new players won't be able to do that. Epic Games Store is now the only way for new players to play Rocket League on PC from now on.

Rocket League Removed From Steam Gaming Instincts
Epic Games Stores is the only way for you to download Rocket League from now on

This is not the first time Epic made such a move to attract more players to their platform. They have always been giving away at least one game a week and they even gave away the famous title GTA V on their platform for everyone. The GTA V giveaway was so hot that it even caused an outage in the Epic Games Store for hours.

While Epic Games Store is trying really hard to compete with the big boy Steam by giving away games for free, most players still prefer Steam more. Epic Games Store obviously has less feature than Steam and many players don't like the way they buy exclusive games from developers.

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