Just recently, in Mumbai, the Bollywood actress Amrita Dhanoa (32 years old) and the model Richa Singh (26 years old) were arrested by the police for providing girls to clients.

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Amrita Dhanoa was a Bollywood actress who starred in Unlimited Nasha, Parveen Bobby, and The World of Fashion

A local police station received information from an anonymous person about a sex racket case at a 5-star hotel in Goregaon. The police disguised as customers and contacted suspects to bait them out. They successfully met one of the two suppliers in the hotel and arrested them. In the process, they were also able to recuse two girls, who were brought there. The names of the two girls were not disclosed to protect their identity.

In a similar case that happened last week, the police also arrested 10 pimps in another 5-star hotel in Juhu for committing sex racket.

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Amrita is a famous Bollywood actress, who starred in many films

When arrested, Amrita Dhanoa was constantly denying and said that she was framed in this case. Amrita Dhanoa is known to be struggling at the moment as she is having conflicts with her ex-boyfriend, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arhaan Khan. Arhaan Khan has borrowed Rs 500,000 from her and later broke up with her. She insisted that her ex-boyfriend framed her and denied all the charges that were put on her.

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Armita is now under arrest for a sex racket in a 5-star hotel in Mumbai

Amrita has been working as an actress for a long time. Her last movie was World of Fashion in 2013. Before then, she participated in some other films such as  Unlimited Nasha in 2005 and Parveen Bobby in 2006. Amrita was in the relationship with Arhaan Khan from 2006. After cheating on Amrita multiple times with other women, they finally broke up in 2010 and never contact each other again.