Pranutan Bahl Biography

Pranutan Bahl is a newcomer in the Bollywood industry scene. She was born on March 3, 1993, in Mumbai. The Bollywood actress has always wanted to be an actor when she was a child but turned out to be a lawyer instead. Her dream is pretty understandable as both her parents are actors. Her father is the actor Mohnish Bahl and her mother is the actress Aarti Bahl. Even her grandmother was an actress too.

Pranutan Bahl graduated from Government Law College

However, she didn’t become an actress until 2019 in her debut movie “Notebook”. It was Salman Khan who recommended her to play the lead role for the movie on his Twitter.

Pranutan Bahl Latest Photos

Pranutan Bahl shows off with her followers on Instagram her latest photos with a golden long plunge dress with wet hair.

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Wet hair and a plunge dress make Pranutan Bahl sexier than ever

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Other Pranutan Bahl Photos on her Instagram

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Come here to me. Don't be shy. No one is going to know

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Pranutan Bahl looks graceful and sweet in a crop-top and long dress
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

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Pranutan Bahl prays in Ganga Aarti temple in Varanasi
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When you are a lawyer but you have always wanted to be a Bollywood actress

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Pranutan Bahl looks dazzling with her dress
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A short dress and a black leather jacket makes Pranutan Bahl the standard for all modern women

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Pranutan Bahl sill looks like an angel in a casual blouse
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Red crop-top and the long dress makes Pranutan Bahl looks even hotter than the sun

If you would like to check out more photos of Pranutan Bahl, you can follow her Instagram @pranutan

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