Ester Expósito is a Spanish actress who mostly known for her role in the TV series Elite made by Netflix. She played the role of Carla Rosón Caleruega and has successfully covered the beautiful yet cold and manipulative character in the series.

Who loves the be the cameraman of this picture?
Ester Expósito on a walk on a beach during the morning



The young actress is only 20 years, but she already has her successes and achievement

The actress is still early in her career and is only 20 years old,  but she has gained some successes and achievements for herself already. In 2012 and 2015, she won the Teatro de Madrid award for best actress. So far Ester Expósito has been working in  3 movies and 5 TV series.

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Does anyone want to be her dance partner?
Ester Expósito and her friends go wild in a late-night party
Long black sock and a short shirt makes Ester Expósito looks absolutely seductive

Ester Expósito has a perfect body which she is really proud of. That why she very active on Instagram to give fans a glimpse of her life and sight of her amazing beauty. Her Instagram has a total of more than 21.6 million followers and her posts can easily attract millions of views and likes. Let's check out some of the latest sexy photos of Ester Expósito below.

A dazzling low-back blue dress make Ester Expósito looks ravishing and glamorous
Ester Expósito does not only have a hot body but also a young adorable face


Ester Expósito has a perfect body which she is really proud of
Ester Expósito on the beach, flaunting her sexy body with wet hair

You are interested in more pictures of Ester Expósito, check out her Instagram at ester_exposito.

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