FIFA 23 is the continuation of the famous series of football simulation games where the player takes control of their favorite game team and goes offline to win the championship and go out and win the Champions League, or Europe.

The second option is to go online, open your first packs with random players and challenge other players for the best places in divisions by strength level and participate in in-game tournaments in the game, which are regularly held by EA Sports.

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Defensive Football - Introduction

Playing on defense is the use of special formats of formations and strategies, which is always a necessary measure and should only be used against a known strong team.

You should not use defensive tactics against an equal opponent, since you deliberately roll back to your goal for no reason and give all the initiative to the enemy, and even the weakest opponent will be able to score a goal for you if you give you a goal with impunity, or simply approach the goalkeeper's area.

In order not to get into a situation where you are playing against an opponent with a squad that is head and shoulders above yours, you need to have a strong squad in your team. It does not have to be global superstars, strong silver and gold performers are enough.

You can get them in several ways.

Completing daily and weekly tasks, winning and losing matches for coins and internal tournaments where a reward is given for a place and thus all participants are awarded in different amounts.

You can also buy the cheapest FIFA Coins now to unlock more Gold Game Packs and Special Packs. This will help you build a strong starting lineup that will move steadily through the gaming division until you reach your level of players in terms of players and win back.

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Defensive football - beginning

You need to understand that playing on defense is obviously difficult and disadvantageous conditions, where you fully give the initiative to your opponent, lure them into your half of the field and win back a combination of counterattacks to score one or two goals and keep the score.

This tactic is often used by Diego Simeone of Atlético Madrid and Chelsea under José Mourinho. It works exclusively against compositions, vastly superior to yours. This refers to superstars played and teams with a high level of investment or long-term farming. Against all other players, you can easily win on your own and play according to the situation.


Use one of the suggested build formats:

  • 5-4-1 - a format in which five main opponents are played with the support of four midfielders - the players are solely concerned with holding the center of the field and the area of their goal in order to pull the opponents' attacking players and force them to advance, but block shots on goal. Then, at the right moment, the ball is intercepted by the defenders and transferred to the forward, who must avoid offsight and break through to the enemy’s goal with a minimum number of defenders or even be 1x1 with the goalkeeper, if everything goes perfectly, all that remains is to score.
  • 4-4-2 is a safer option, as the emphasis is on keeping the center of the field, and not playing in the goalkeeper's area. Thus, you can slow down the pace of the game and make constant attacks on the enemy while holding the initiative and preventing opponents from playing their own football. Gradually, the strategy will allow you to transfer the game to the opponent's half of the field and create scoring chances with long-range shots and playing close to the goalkeeper's area.


The main task of playing on the defensive is to keep the ball at home, or, if there is no such possibility and the opponent is fast and technical, then do not let them hit their own goal, even from afar.

You should avoid playing tackles, as this is fraught with free kicks, which potentially allows almost the entire opposing team to move closer to your goal and, using technical superiority, score a goal.

Also, tackles often bring yellow cards at best, but more often they are removed from the field for the risk of injuring the player with the ball.

Interact with your defensive players to pressure opponents and make them make mistakes - even if the opponent plays a one-touch pass, pressing will force them to play a pass in their own half of the field and this essentially does nothing and wastes extra players' strength on holding the ball.

Do not use the acceleration of a football player without a known win-win situation, on which the interception of the ball depends. When playing defense, there is a match for the exhaustion of players, and if you quickly lose your base speed and its recovery, then the enemy will be able to beat you in local selections and overtake you on flank breakthroughs, which will affect the overall defense and lead to the siege of the goalkeeper's area and a goal.