Genshin Impact has released four nations with lots of playable characters and NPCs who appear in cutscenes, quests, and every corner of Teyvat. Check out the top five impressive Genshin Impact NPCs in this game.

#1. Teppei

Teppei is the main NPC in Chapter II Archon Quests. He is the captain of the Watatsumi Army in fighting against the Vision Hunt Decree and the oppressive rule of Raiden Shogun. Teppei and his voluntary teammates in the front-line division are all brave, fervent, and willing to sacrifice their lives in that war.

But as a normal human, Teppei has limited power. He wants to gain more power and make the war come to an end early and fewer people die in this war, Teppei used Delusion, which made him die soon due to the quick aging process. The death of Teppei got lots of tears.

Teppei Genshin Impact
Teppei Genshin Impact

#2. Kazari (Hanachirusato)

Hanachirusato is one of the most impressive exclusive Genshin Impact NPCs from Inazuma. She appears in the important world quest 'Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual' in this nation. Only after completing the world quest would players discover that Kazari originated from the memories of the late Kitsune Saiguu who brought up Yae Miko.

Kitsune is also one of the three best friends of Raiden Shogun. She disappeared in the deep dark when the Khaenri'ah tragedy poured into Inazuma. This quest shows players how tragic Inazuma was in that tragedy.

Hanachirusato In Inazuma
Hanachirusato in Inazuma

#3. Zhiqiong

The NPC Zhiqiong will accompany Travelers to explore The Chasm in two important quest series, including The Chasm Delvers and Valor's Afterglow. This passionate adventurer does not have a Vision, so her power is also limited.

Besides, she is impacted by secret energy below The Chasm. She never gives up and still keeps going though sometimes she cannot stand those energies. She left a map and some hints for other adventurers and Travelers before she got lost.

Zhiqiong in The Chasm

#4. Dunyarzad

Dunyarzad is a loyal follower of Lesser Lord Kusanali. She was born into the Homayani family in Sumeru. Dehya is the personal bodyguard of this lady. She is the exclusive NPC in The Trail of the God of Wisdom, a part of the Archon Quest of Kusanali. 

When everyone and the Traveler got stuck in a dream, the Traveler discovered that Dunyarzad was bedridden by Eleazar - a rear chronic illness that does not have a known cure. She does not have much time left but she always stays positive and happy. Luckily, Dunyarzad recovered after Act II of this quest.

Dunyarzad In Sumeru
Dunyarzad in Sumeru

#5. Rana

Rana is the NPC in the Aranyaka quest series. She is an excellent Forest Ranger in Sumeru. Moreover, Rana is the first NPC to fight monsters as a playable character in the game. This brave girl is always willing to fight monsters though she got affected by the Withering Zone.

She became ill the Traveler have to continue the rest of the adventure, complete the quest and obtain the item Bija to wake her up from the coma.

Rana Genshin Impact
Rana in Genshin Impact

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