Genshin Impact is going to release many new characters after Nahida. There are many leaks about those characters. Check out the top expected Genshin Impact characters here.

#1. Scaramouche (Wanderer)

Scaramouche is highly expected to come to Genshin Impact in Update 3.3. The second Fatui Harbinger working for Tsaritsa may become a playable Anemo character called Wanderer. He is known as the prototype puppet for the Electro Archon Baal in Inazuma.


#2. Alhaitham

Alhaitham is an upcoming character in Sumeru. The community can expect to get him in Update 3.4. He will definitely be playable which was confirmed when he appeared in the first trailer of Sumeru. Moreover, Alhaitham may be a top-tier DMG dealer who can play the role of a Dendro DPS.

#3. Dehya

Genshin Impact players can expect to see Dehya in Update 3.5. Lots of players fall in love with her hot and impressive design and highly anticipate her release. According to leaks, Dehya can be a 5-star Pyro sub-DPS though her skills and attack kits have not been released yet.

Alhaitham And Dehya
Alhaitham and Dehya

#4. Baizhu

Baizhu has been available in the game as an NPC in Liyue for a long time. But in Update 3.6, he may become a playable Dendro supporter. Moreover, Baizhu's impressive appearance with a white snake around his neck which may become a special ability of playable Baizhu.

#5. Kaveh

Kaveh is an interesting character who may become playable in Genshin Impact after Nahida. But the game publisher has not unveiled or confirmed the release of Kaveh yet. Players only hear about him in Sumeru's stories. For example, people say that Kaveh is the architect who designed the Palace of Alcazarzaray.

Kaveh Genshin
Kaveh Genshin

#6. Yaoyao

According to the latest leaks, Yaoyao may come to the game as a 4-star playable Dendro character in Update 3.4. She can be a polearm user and throw a battle bunny like the special skill of Itto. Yaoyao is likely to be released at the Lantern Rite festival of 2023.

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