Even more leaks about unreleased Genshin Impact characters have been made available. Amongst them, the two biggest reveals are Kaveh's character model and Faruzan's new detailed kit. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available so far about these two new characters.

1. Kaveh character model

Kaveh is the architect behind the Palace of Alcazarzaray. He graduated from Kshahrewar of the Sumeru Akademiya with honors. He taught an architectural elective while he was at the Akademiya and receives a stipend from the Akademiya.

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Kaveh character model

Despite the palace being his magnum opus, Kaveh somehow ended up in deep debt after its construction, forcing him to take up residence with Alhaitham, although he often argues with his housemate due to their vastly different opinions. He is also familiar with Cyno.

Nothing is available about his kit so far, outside of the fact that he is a Dendro Claymore user. It is likely that Kaveh will come out much later in 2023, as Nahida will be the last Dendro character in 2022.

2. Faruzan abilities revealed

Apparently, Faruzan is categorized as a 4 Star Anemo Bow User with a girl model. She is going to come out in 3.3 alongside Scaramouche. It is rather weird that Mihoyo decided to release 2 new anemo users at the same time. She is also set to have her own Hangout Quests in Version 3.5.

  • Her elemental skill spawns a mark on enemies that creates a "Wind Zone" that sucks enemies in. Elemental Skill causes DMG upon cast and gives 1 charge of "Hurricane Arrow" for 18 seconds. "Hurricane Arrow" decreases opponents' Anemo RES by 50% for 4-5 seconds.
  • Her elemental burst fires a "Hurricane Arrow"/Creature that deals a burst of DMG. Additionally, it buffs party members' Anemo DMG for 12.5 seconds.
  • Her 1st Passive enchants her Elemental Burst arrows.
  • Her 2nd Passive gives the active character a Crit DMG and DMG increase.

Overall, Faruzan is designed around supporting Scaramouche/Wanderer, with the extra Anemo DMG boost and Anemo RES shred. She will also be useful for Xiao/Kazuha DPS build.

3. Scaramouche abilities revealed

Scaramouche abilities

Scaramouche is categorized as a 5 Star Anemo Catalyst User. Set to release at Version 3.3 together with Faruzan in 1st Phase.

His elemental skill allows him to float and creates a ring that gives him a buff based on the infused element. Pyro = ATK, Hydro = Stamina, Electro = ER, Cryo = Crit. This is a passive effect.

Scaramouche can move and dash around while floating using his skill. His elemental burst removes the ring and creates a fog around him. His materials are Rukkhashava Mushrooms, Handguards, and Perpetual Caliber

4. Baizhu abilities and details

Baizhu 3
Baizhu abilities

Baizhu is categorized as a 5 Star Dendro Catalyst User and is set to release in Version 3.6. His materials are Violetgrass, and Fungal Spores.

His files in-game indicate he has a "Lady" model and a "censored" version of his outfit (for CN). Baizhu's elemental skill spawns a certain trail possibly copied from Yae Miko as a placeholder. His elemental burst is currently unknown and uses Yae's Burst as a placeholder.

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