Scaramouche, one of the fan favorite in recent story arcs, is going to become playable when 3.3 comes out. In the next patch, 3.2, he is going to debut as a weekly boss, with a completely different set of abilities.

The most recent leaks have revealed a lot of details about Scaramouche's kit, including Elemental Skill and Burst. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available so far about the Wanderer. According to Honkai fans, Scaramouche's abilities are very similar to the Herrscher of Flamescion from Honkai.

1. Scaramouche Skill and Burst

This information was leaked by a CN source who revealed snippets about Scaramouche's skills.

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Scaramouche model

Elemental Skill

Apparently, Scaramouche's E is called "Wandering Step" and has a 6 seconds cooldown. He will fly up into the air when casting E, similar to Venti. This can be deactivated by pressing the Elemental Skill again.

However, unlike Venti and Kazuha's "floating", Scaramouche can apparently fly around or move freely in the air. All his movements and attacks will change while he is in the air, including his normal attacks. Additionally, Scaramouche can even dash and jump in the air while using the skill.

Outside of these details, there are no air duration or damage multiplier in the leak. Some people have even claimed that the flying mode will consume stamina, but with a 6 seconds cooldown, it is pretty unlikely.

Elemental Burst & Energy Cost

Nothing much is known about Scaramouche's Burst outside of its cooldown, energy cost and general effect. It has a 15 seconds cooldown, 60 energy cost and fires a large AoE Wind blast that explodes. Players can also use his Burst while in mid-air but it would cost an additional 7 stamina.

2. How strong would Scaramouche be?

With the other leaks mentioning his E having its own NA scaling, his regular NAs will probably be melee while his E will be ranged. It doesn't make much sense for him to float mid-air if he can't hit anything at range.

Genshin Impact Scaramouche Boss Model E16631604565

His Skill's ability to fly would make Scaramouche a perfect character for exploration. Players can get all over the place without having to waste time climbing. However, the CD is only 6 seconds long so it is really not as OP as it sounds. For all we know, you can only stay in mid-air for 4 seconds out of that 6-second duration.

Scaramouche is going to be super fun to play, flying around and shooting enemies with projectiles.

3. Scaramouche artifact

Name: 居尔套 - apparently, this is just a nickname and the official name of the artifact is yet to be made available. It might be the new signature artifact for Scaramouche.

Below is its 4-piece effect:

  • After a charged attack on the enemy, the attack speed is increased by xx%, providing a normal, charged and plunge attack damage increase buff that lasts for N seconds.

Overall, this set is perfect for characters who spam charged attacks in between their combos. Hu Tao, Xiao and Itto will benefit greatly from this skill.

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