Among seven elements in Genshin Impact, Cryo is the top aggressive element for combat. But many Cryo Visions are given to mentally and biologically complicated characters. Let’s see who they are.

#1. Kaeya

Kaeya is the first Cryo character that you meet when arriving in Teyvat. He is a reliable swordsman and Knights of Favonius Cavalry Captain. He will accompany the Traveler on his/her first trip to Mondstadt.

According to the game story, Kaeya is the descendant of Khaenri’ah – a mysterious nation that the Seven Archons had removed. But he didn’t become the enemy of other nations in Teyvat. Instead, Kaeya chose to become a warrior and protect Mondstadt with this ability. After being adopted by the Ragnvindr Family, his Cryo Vision appeared as a gift for his kindness.

Kaeya And Rosaria
kaeya and Rosaria

#2. Rosaria

The Knights of Favonius cleared Rosaria’s bandit family. But instead of revenge, she also chose to protect Monstadt as a Knight of Favonius like Kaeya. She was affected a lot by Barbara and other nuns in this force.

She uses her experience and ability to prevent viral plots of enemies. With similar missions and ideas, Rosaria, Kaeya, and Venti become close “drinking” friends at the “Angel's Share” tavern.

#3. Eula

Eula is a member of the Lawrence family who was infamous for their ferocious management in Mondstadt. Due to her bloodline, she is not liked by people in Mondstadt though she serves them and protects this nation as the captain of the Reconnaissance Company.

Eula often acts as if she was a mean-minded woman who would revenge. But Eula's never thought of it. She always helps and guards Mondstadt as well as every people in this nation.

Eula And Diona
Eula and Diona

#4. Diona

Diona was the bartender in the Cat's Tail but she hates drunk men because her father is always drunk. This lovely cat girl thinks she can make those drunk men change when she becomes a bartender. But every drink she makes is so delicious that even Barbatos can't stand loving it.

#5. Qiqi

Qiqi was innocently involved and killed in the war of Adepti when she was going out to pick herbs and medicines. Then, Adepti resurrected her as a zombie and blessed Qiqi to give her a body that can never die. Qiqi also got the Cryo vision the moment she woke up.

#6. Ganyu & Shenhe

Ganyu contracted Geo Archon to guard Liyue as a half-qilin Adeptus. Living in human society, she always feels contradicted about where she really belongs to. Unlike Ganyu, Shenhe is a human but she chose to live in the remote mountains because of her special fate and unlucky childhood.

Shenhe And Ganyu
Shenhe And Ganyu

#7. Chongyun

Chongyun was born with an excess of positive energy, so spirits always disappear when he approaches. Moreover, this exorcist can only consume cold food and drink. Though this special energy is a barrier to his exorcist work, he does not give up his family career.

#8. Ayaka

Though being born into a noble clan in Inazuma, Kamisato Ayaka always wishes to live as a normal person. She does not have many friends because she was born into a big Clan. Moreover, Ayaka has a strong mind hidden inside her gentle appearance.

Kamisato Ayaka
Kamisato Ayaka

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