Esports betting is a relatively new thing, but over a couple of years it has gained a lot of fans. We’ve prepared a whole guide on esports, useful for both newbies and those, who are already betting.

How Does Esports Betting Work?

Esports (electronic sports) it’s a name for a pretty typical video gaming competition among players. Basically, it’s about competitiveness, where gamers gather and play against each other. Esports refers to both informal and professional competitions, but mostly to the second type.

There are multiple types of esports betting:

  • Real money betting. It works like a usual sports betting. Basically, you place a bet and get paid if your selection was right. It’s similar to casino games on but have some differences in in-game mechanics.
  • Social betting. It’s an informal way of betting between friends or online acquaintances, where they place their bets on the game’s outcome. Such bets are usually made with skins or money.
  • Skin betting. Many video games have their own currencies and items that can be used for betting on esports. Such currencies are highly valued since some websites allow their use instead of real money.
  • Challenge betting. It’s a competition set up by gamers for money or skins.
Esports Betting
Know the game before investing in it!

The Origin of Esports

Esports originated in South Korea in the 1990s due to the complex economic situation. That´s when Korean government decided to promote Internet and telecommunications, which put a start to esports fostering.

Esports Tournaments and Leagues

Among the biggest and most popular esports tournaments are The International, The Fortnite World Cup, Intel Extreme Masters and CS:GO Majors with prize pools at $30+ millions for the first two tournaments and $1 million each of the last two.

With its close ties to Korea, it’s not surprising that The Korean League of Legends became the most watched in 2020 with over 136M of hours watched. The second place goes to Mobile Legends Professional League with 95M of hours.

Popular Esports Games and How to Bet on Them

Battlefield, Dota 2, Call of Duty, FIFA Football, World of Tanks, Starcraft II, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft are the giants of the esports betting industry.

These games are very popular, however, the most important thing to do before placing your bets on any of these, is learning about how they work. Nevertheless, this would not be enough. You also have to learn about the structure of esports contests before betting. Effective research on a particular contest can help plan further actions.

Esports Betting Strategy

  • Figure out the odds + payouts.
  • Research and analyze the games and the form of contests.
  • Keep record of your betting experience.
  • Bet on value, not on the most possible outcome.

Best Esports Betting Sites

The websites below are among the most highly-rated on the web. The rate of each is 4.5+ stars.

Remember, that you have to be 18+ years of age to do esports betting.

  • Sbobet

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