Everything you need to know as a beginner to eSports 

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eSports is a highly competitive gaming sport that is hardly considered something new for today’s day and age.

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eSports is a highly competitive gaming sport that is hardly considered something new for today’s day and age. What makes it so exciting, is that gamers once used to spend a majority of their time, within the corners of arcades, gaming away as the 70s and 80s passed them by. Local players today, however, are able to entertain their gaming habits on a whole new level of gaming. With the development of the first-person shooter in most games today, and the opportunity to take on battle royal features with a collective team energy, eSports has enabled players from all over the world to unite and play for the hopes of joining the elite and being able to make some money from their time spent gaming.


Many big gamers today will undoubtedly be aware of the CSGO gaming platform, and what this gaming establishment contributed to the beginning of first-person shooting games. Today however, things have most certainly developed further, for the CSGO gaming platform. CSGO gambling has become the next new craze and most loved way of winning in-game CSGO items and of course skins. While the whole point of developing yourself when playing CSGO, is by equipping yourself with the latest skin weaponry, CSGO gambling provides itself as an outlet to improve your gaming possibilities while enjoying the thrills of gambling.

Over the past decade, the industry of eSport gaming has rocketed in popularity, becoming something that many gamers adopted themselves into naturally. With many of the huge games such as League of Legends and Overwatch gathering the numbers, it made more sense for gaming competitions and tournaments to evolve-the niche became a reality. League of Legends boasts a total of 100 million players each and every month playing actively, with many of the gaming numbers coming directly from advertisers and partnerships that link themselves to the gaming industry, it is very clear that eSports is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Dota 2

It's the advancement of video gaming and technology however, that has made eSport gaming possible, and more accessible than ever before. Now more than ever it is a great time to get involved and gamers to immerse themselves completely within the gaming prospects overed. For many games, there are casual ways of getting started and slowly trying out genres, to see what is best for the player in question. Many games on the market branch from sports (NBA, NFL etc.) to other relative sport driven teams, that can be streamed and played from anywhere in the world. The important thing is you have an internet connection, and you are good to go, when it comes to competing.

The ranking system to define a great player from an amateur is quite apparent when you first start playing, there is a sense of fluency that needs to be adopted. However, when you find the right game for yourself, gaming with ease can really come together for many players. Some of the most popular games today include:

  •   League of Legends 
  •   Dota 2
  •   Overwatch
  •   Valorant 

How to join a tournament 

Joining a tournament for eSports will depend on which stream you join, and the competitions that are available for sign-ups. You can either watch them to get started, and get a feel for how they actually work, stream through gambling sites that are open to wagers from gamblers in the eSport gaming community, or for most cases, for those that wish to take part-make a team and play! Assembling a team will take a couple of tries, as matching up talent and skill is certainly not an easy thing. Gamers who have managed to explore the best gaming tournaments and opportunities for themselves, are ones that have had their fair share of trying out different gaming teams. Yet, with prize winning totals reaching highs of €40 million, that certainly can be incentive enough to keep trying, no?

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