Affiliate Marketing
In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking out new ways to engage their customers

In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking out new ways to engage their customers, boost their online presence, and, most importantly, generate revenue. While there are quite a few different marketing tactics that have been successfully employed over the years, none can quite compare to the impact affiliate marketing has had.

Affiliate marketing has undoubtedly revolutionised the way businesses promote their products and services by harnessing the power of partnerships, emerging as a true powerhouse across a multitude of industries. From Amazon to online casinos, now more than ever, businesses are tapping into affiliate marketing to expand their reach and cash in.

Obviously, it takes a fair amount of skills, industry knowledge and experience. And who better to confirm this than Marketing Director and Editor of, John Holmes:

‘As one of the leading affiliate sites in the sector, we’ve certainly gone through a steep learning curve - particularly in the early years when we were still starting out. Of course, knowing how the industry works and networking is essential and one of the main ingredients to our recipe for success. And I wouldn’t call it a secret ingredient, because our competitors are well aware of this. What I can say is that casinos which are verified by us go through a rigorous process, where they’re scrutinized, tried and tested before they’re rubber-stamped by our team of experts. This further solidifies our stellar reputation whilst maintaining trust from our loyal customer base.’

How Does It Work?

The online gambling industry generates income through affiliate marketing by employing the revenue share model. This is where a casino operator pays a predetermined portion of their earnings to their partner, known as an affiliate, for every client they get to sign up for their platform. This is paid out monthly or quarterly, depending on the agreement. The percentage of money paid out depends on a number of factors, including the number of players they refer to the platform and how much money the players generate for the business.

The revenue share model allows for a lot of flexibility, as casino owners are able to adjust the commission structure as required, allowing them to seamlessly respond to the ever-changing market as well as the performance of the affiliates. Another attractive aspect of this model is that the business owner only needs to pay for successful conversions, so if the affiliates don’t deliver, they do not get paid, and the business is not harmed financially in any way.

This lucrative model offers online casinos, as well as other iGaming companies, the chance to enhance their reach and acquire new customers in a cost-effective way. Advertising can be expensive and is not always reliable. Moreover, the new advertising restrictions constantly being imposed are making it increasingly difficult to effectively target new customers and efficiently promote the casino’s offerings. As such, paying a percentage of revenue to affiliates for acquiring players allows online casinos to get more bang for their buck.

Partnering with affiliates also provides casinos with the perfect opportunity to gain more exposure and increase their brand awareness by leveraging the affiliates already established audience. Affiliates also help to instill trust in the casino, as they are seen as reliable sources of information. There is also minimal risk involved on the part of the casino, as the affiliates are in charge of their own marketing efforts, which will determine how much they earn. As such, it is in their best interest to successfully promote the casino.

Is It Worth It?

If done right, affiliate marketing can be an extremely lucrative endeavour for both parties. However, it does not come without some minor risks, which businesses should take note of before jumping into the deep end. Unfortunately, since affiliates’ income depends on how many customers they can attract, it can be unpredictable at times and may fluctuate based on the performance of players they refer.

On the online casino side, business owners need to be comfortable with having limited control over their marketing efforts. While they can enforce some brand guidelines, for the most part, affiliates have free range to employ whichever marketing tactics and strategies they see fit, which could lead to inconsistent brand messaging and customer acquisition.

Whatever the case may be, as the online casino industry continues to grow, there will continue to be endless opportunities for affiliate websites to monetize their efforts. However, it is crucial for both the online casino owners and the affiliates to stay up-to-date with the latest industry regulations to ensure they remain compliant.


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