We can say that Heroic is a dark fantasy Clash Royale. And even though this game is a good effort with some fresh additions/changes, namely its 2.5D visual style and 3 attack lanes, it still lacks the needed immediacy and balance of its competitor.

The main mechanic of this game is to choose a hero, build a troops deck, then go into battle against other players. To win, you need to destroy the portal of your opponent by using your troops to attack down the 3 lanes and get over anything on the way.

You will need energy to play a card, and you could recharge that energy over time. Each card costs a different amount of energy, and of course, the more it costs the stronger it is.

The heroes also unique abilities that you could utilize to gain an edge on the battlefield. There is a fireball spell that destroys any units it touches, a spell to increase the attack power of allied units on a certain lane, and more.

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Each hero has unique abilities that you could utilize to gain an edge on the battlefield.

Heroic is a Dark Fantasy Clash Royale Game

So basically the combat is all about trying to gain mana advantage by using cheaper troop cards to counter your enemies. However, there are not many options for you to choose, so there's not a lot of challenge here.

That's the biggest problem with this title: Its balance is off. We like that each hero features a unique playstyle, but the troops are just underwhelming. We feel that they are really lacking in comparison with Heroic's direct competitor - Clash Royale.

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Basically, the combat is all about trying to gain mana advantage

In Clash Royale, each and every card has its own place, while in Heroic, most players would probably forget about the initial units after the first few battles.

Upgrading the troops is also much less intuitive. When you crack up a chest, you would get a bunch of different resources. Then you could use those resources to upgrade the card, but each card will need a different type of resources.

Overcomplicated Upgrade System And Poor Balance

Developer Nordeus apparently thinks that having a complicated upgrading system in Heroic is better vs the straightforward level up system in Clash Royale. But in reality, it is just messy and fiddly. Still, it encourages the players to spend more money on the game - which is what the studio really wants, we have to think.

The visuals of dark fantasy style help to differentiate this game from Clash Royale.

The up point of this game is the visual style. The dark fantasy theme helps to differentiate this game from Clash Royale, so if you don't like the cartoony style of Supercell, then Heroic is a viable alternative. At the end of the day, though, Clash Royale is clearly the better game.