Originally released late last year on Steam for PC, the cutesy strategy game MINImax Tinyverse was pretty well-received by gamers due to its appealing art style, fast-paced combat, and unique idea where you literally get to become a God. And now, the game has made its way to iPad for you to enjoy the experience on the go.

Minimax Tiniverse
MINImax Tinyverse is now available for iPad

For those who don’t know, MINImax Tinyverse could be described as a real-time chess game in which you gather your favorite champions and then send them off to fight against the enemy. The cool part is, you are a God and have the power to influence the battlefield through many miracles. For example, you can pick up a unit and move it to another location, create walls to hinder the opposing army or providing your own with ladders or other tools to overcome obstacles, cast fire, ice, and lighting spells at foes or simply squash them under your mighty fist. Check out the trailer for the game below:

The possibilities are basically endless, every match is frantic and rewarding, and needless to say, calculating when to do what will be key if you want to achieve victory. As you can probably imagine, this is the kind of game that requires tactical thinking from players at every turn.

The iPad version also brings with it some cool new features. First of all, 4 new troopers have been added, including Gliptos Chaser, Aillai Demolisher, Rapanossan Thug, and Wildman Creaea. Secondly, the map now spawns a new type of enemy called the “Mole.” Hunting it down will give you certain bonuses such as uncovering secret pathways straight to the enemy’s towers.

Minimax Spell
Rain down spells upon enemies

Other miscellaneous additions include a custom match mode for you to play with friends, an observer mode that allows you to just sit back and watch the chaos ensues, and a chat system for easier communication. The iPad version also supports 4 more languages: French, German, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese.

MINImax Tinyverse is currently available for free on the App Store. Fans of strategy games should definitely check this one out.