The mechanism behind the progressive jackpot is intuitive, just as the name suggests. In the paragraphs below, we take a closer look at what both terms mean and how the progressive jackpots work at online casinos. They are commonly associated with slots, but you can find them in other games, paving the way to some of the biggest wins available.

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The prize that keeps on growing

Progressive is a term that pretty much speaks for itself and refers to something that is in perpetual growth. The definition of progressive jackpots states that the amount will keep growing until somebody hits the winning combination. The lucky winner will walk away with millions of dollars in many cases and even the lower jackpots are pretty impressive. This explains why the odds are stacked against players and why it takes so long for somebody to finally win the prize.

With the jackpot growing at a steady rate, information about the current amount is displayed and updated in real-time. You can play the latest online slots in the UK with most Online casinos offering progressive jackpots games. The longer it takes before somebody wins the amount, the higher it gets, so record jackpots are won after a lengthy period of time. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy, as punters doubled their efforts when they know that the jackpot is getting a certain milestone and a record could be set.

The jackpot with one lucky spin

The other term that makes the progressive jackpot so exciting is the prize itself, which can be mind-numbing. Slots are the most popular games carrying progressive jackpots and punters can convert a handful of dollars into millions. The jackpot can be won in addition to the standard winning ways that are activated during regular gameplay. This means that a game with a high RTP will allow punters to enjoy the best of both worlds, as they win steadily in anticipation of that major win.

In order to fuel the jackpot, a small amount needs to be subtracted from every pot, which goes towards this massive payout. This is something that punters should be aware of, as they will notice that the bankroll is slowly bleeding as they spin the areas of these games. Only a tiny percentage is diverted in this manner, so this won’t have a negative effect on your gaming sessions. The amount is displayed before the game and stays the same, as it represents a percentage of the bet you place.

Progressive jackpot games can be won locally or they can be shared by several casinos across the network. These are the most popular games, as they can produce the largest winnings, with millions of dollars and sometimes tens of millions up for grabs.