One of the biggest fears that celebrities and content creators have is being irrelevant. Every day they create content and hope that they can keep their fanbases happy and stay relevant. This is the same for gaming content providers: famous and upcoming as well. They have to keep their content interesting and fun, but also relevant. Creating great content is easy, but making it relevant is a whole other story. 'Why should I watch you over everyone else?' is the question that you need to keep in mind when creating your content.

In this article, we will cover how you can create quality content and remain relevant by creating fun and engaging discussions with your viewers. Let us get started:

1. Play to your strengths

Virtually every YouTuber and gaming journalist has their own niche that they cover. If you fancy yourself a pro gamer who reviews console games with advanced commentary, then create reviews of console games that allow you to talk about these aspects in depth. If you want to discuss the latest trends in gaming, then create videos that inform people about this on a regular basis. There is no way around it: you will need to be able to talk about your niche in depth. This also means that you should only use your channel for this, and not mix other topics like politics or music into it.

Pewdiepie Youtuber
It's all about entertainment and fun.

If you are an entertainer and not a professional gamer, then do not try to be one. Remember: a YouTube channel is supposed to be entertaining, fun, and informative, not professional or educational.

2. Game releases are always relevant

It's an obvious fact that new games will create buzz and therefore bring in new viewers, but also keep your old ones. All game channels will have a bump with game releases, but it's the channels that are consistent with their content that will get the most out of it. When a new game is released, there are usually trailers being released and more popular content creators giving their thoughts on the game. If they play the game and provide video content (a let's play or review) then this is also something you can do and provide even if it is just using screen recording software or just screenshots to illustrate your findings.

When you do this your viewers who are interested in that game can take a look at your channel and see what else you offer. If they like your content they will stay subscribed to your channel and return for more in the future. Also, if you do let's play games, then it gives people a reason to subscribe to that particular game's channel because then they can check out other channels playing the same game. This is called cross-promotion.

Streamer Playing Game
Make use of cross-promotion when doing let's play videos!

Cross-promotion is also what happens when two channels agree to have their videos play (behind-the-scenes footage, etc.) on each other's channels. This helps boost both parties and create an atmosphere where everyone tries to help one another because they know they will be helped as well.

3. Invest in new games

content creators in India were left stranded after PBUG mobile was banned on privacy grounds. Some of these creators had specialized in PBUG and therefore only had related content. Many were left without content to share as all they knew had been taken away from them. To ensure that this never happens to you, invest in new games and become just as good in them. You can invest in the game, try it out and then maybe have a let's play or review video made for you. Also, do not just make content on one platform (such as PC) but consider other platforms that people want or need. For example, if you are a gamer who never plays Xbox you could start a gaming channel that focuses on Xbox games. This is where cross-promotion with your other channels also comes into play because people who like your gaming channel may also be interested in your other channels.

4. Partner with other creators

This will not be necessary for all channels and some of the ones who already have partners can make their own (YouTubers who already have gaming channels). If you don't have a partner already, you can find people from your country who play similar games. You can use your gaming channel to do giveaways and ultimately promote the other person's channel. If there isn't a third person involved then you will need to go out and find your own partners.

Bingo Blitz
Look for partner websites to help grow your channel!

Regardless of how it is accomplished (via social media or by looking for someone), it is an important step in sustaining healthy channels. You can also partner with bigger websites such as to help grow your channel.

5. Stop complaining about donations

This is a rather controversial point, but one of the main problems with creating a gaming channel is that it can be quite slow and difficult to make money. Though there are some gaming videos that you can create that will get you more views and potentially more money later on down the line, the most important part is the video creation itself. If you know how to make good content, then no matter what your budget is you will be able to create something good and if viewers enjoy it, they will leave a comment or donate. Even though it won't equal a lot of money, if you are constantly doing well with your content and you create enough videos then the donations will eventually add up.

6. Have a backup plan

If you are a content creator, then it is important that you have some sort of backup plan. For example, if you put out all your time into one video and it does not do well, don't give up. Try doing a series or something else that you can use to earn revenue from (such as sponsored videos). Also, if all the video platforms take down your videos at once then that probably means they were hacked or something bad happened. In this case, just make sure everything is deleted and there are no copies of the content anywhere so that your channel will not get banned by other actors within YouTube's system.

These are some of the tips that I have gathered from some really popular gaming channels. Though there are a lot of other things that could be said, I really think that the ones above should give you a good start for your channel.

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