There is one fact many Free Fire players know that is Free Fire got a lot of hate from gamers who play other battle royale titles or event other shooter titles such as PUBG, Fortnite, CS:GO. Many players would openly criticize the game and its players.

In this article, we will tell you the top 5 reasons why people hate Free Fire so much.

1. Free Fire copied PUBG

PUBG was the first battle royale game in the world that has drawn major attention from the gaming community. Thanks to PUBG, the battle royale genre has become the trend of the gaming world for a long time with many different titles.

Free Fire Vs Pubg Mobile
Free Fire and PUBG Mobile players will forever hate each other.

However, when it comes to mobile devices, Free Fire actually was released before PUBG Mobile and even got more popular. This is why many PUBG Mobile players hate Free Fire so much and consider it a bad rip-off of their favorite game.

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2. Free Fire is a pay-to-win game

Most shooter game players really hate pay-to-win features because they make the game more about the money and less about the skill. That's why most shooter games only sell skins that only look nice and have absolutely no effect on the gameplay.

Free Fire Characters
Players need to pay money to get the best characters.

Free Fire, however, decided to implement not only one, but several different features that will enhance the power of your characters if you are willing to pay real money. Free Fire's weapon skins can increase the stats of the weapons. Free Fire characters and pets give players unique powers in the game.

While you can get some for free in events, the best skins, characters, and pets all sit behind a paywall to force you to spend real money to get stronger.

3. Free Fire has bad graphics

Free Fire was designed for low-end devices that only have 1GB of RAM. This makes the game more accessible for players who don't have a high-end device to play heavy games like PUBG Mobile. Of course, since the light-weight, the graphics of the game don't look as good as other titles. The graphics in Free Fire look bland and lack details, which kills the immersion of players.

Free Fire Art
Free Fire arts look way much better than the in-game graphics.

At the same time, all the arts and ads of Free Fire look stunning, which disappointed many new players when they see the actual game.

4. Free Fire is too accessible for kid

We all know that a lot of Free Fire players are children who are still in secondary school or even elementary school. They are loud, they are childish and they are very very annoying. We can't blame them for being a kid though, but listening to a kid screaming non-stop is not a pleasant experience at all.

Also, since the game has many young players, there are also many more scammers in the game who are trying to exploit them. And this is why people hate Free Fire so much, particularly those who have kids.

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5. Too many cheaters

Free Fire is free-to-play and it doesn't require a high-end device to play. This is why the game has many more cheaters than other titles. From wall-hack, auto-headshot, map-hack,... you name it. While Garena is doing their best to fight cheaters, these cheaters can just create another account and keep ruining the game for everyone else. And since there are more players in Free Fire than other titles, there are also more cheaters.

Free Fire Cheater
The game has many more cheaters than other titles.

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