India is a country where people spend their hours for entertainment like movies and games. The gaming industry has rapid growth in the Indian market. Due to the health situation gaming apps are increasing day by every age group of people.

In 2020 the value of the gaming market is around 90 billion in Indian rupees and further according to the estimation this will increase to over 143 billion in 1-2 years. There was a time when people preferred games as a hobby or entertainment but now the gaming industry has changed to billions of the market. Online casino games in India are popular among people as they are easy to play and provide a satisfying fun experience. The future of the gaming industry is predetermined to grow at an incredible rate due to 5G connectivity in India. This will help gamers and players both to connect and play the games most easily. 

Clash Of Clans

Mobile Games

Mobile Phones are easily available to anyone in India due to the increase in the rate of Mobile phones the games are also increasing rapidly. According to statistics in the first quarter of 2021 around 4 lakh and more gaming apps are available on google play.

Gammation and Moonton are the top 2 highest mobile game publishers in India their games are downloaded by people millions of times. The most trending mobile games in India are Clash of Clans, Greena free fire, Pubg, etc.

Multiplayer Games

In India, multiplayer games are on-trend. These games are mostly played by the people. The reason for increasing multiplayer games is competitiveness. Also, you can connect to various people while playing the game. Multiplayer games like PUBG are mostly played in India due to their addiction among children. A major step is taken by the government to ban PUBG in India. According to estimation, Multiplayer games like ludo king are downloaded over 300 million times in 2019.


Casual Games

The popularity of casual games in India has increased due to lockdown. Casual games are the major source of entertainment and refreshing the mind of people during the pandemics. The rate of casual games is increasing day by day due to its ease to play and free availability. Games like Angry Birds, Dark Souls are addictive to people as we can see the future of casual games in India is wider. 

Live streaming video games

Live streaming video games have massive growth in India. On a platform like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch is most popular for streaming live games. According to research, the YouTube live streaming games have increased by 343% in comparison to twitch because YouTube is an easily available and the most known platform in India.

Gaming streamers like CarryMinati (Ajay Nagar) Techno Gamerz, Total gaming are widely famous and got a million views in live streaming video games.

Techno Gamerz


The gaming industry is no more only for entertainment now you can build your whole career on gaming. The rapid increase in the gaming apps and publishers in India will show the future of gaming in India is more than we can assume. More than 250 companies are published in India big or small or some of the start-ups and the growth rate is up to 30% every year. This is the reason India has become one of the fastest-growing gaming industries in the world.

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