Casino in India: legal aspects

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As you all know that gambling has had some strong connections with Indians since the medieval age. The government of India might have restricted playing casinos in physical locations as it is an offensive crime. But, you can still play the game safely and cherish big money prizes by playing it through online platforms. Over the years, online casino platforms have earned much popularity as they have taken the game to a whole new level.

Online Casino Guide

After having a membership in your preferred casino website, the very primary thing that you need to do is acquire the welcome bonuses and after that, you can easily proceed with the casino game.

The rules afterward are quite straightforward, start with casino wagering by availing of your funding source. It can be anything. For instance, you may use your credit/debit card, cryptocurrency, Skrill, Neteller, etc. Then all you need to do is play smartly and strategically.

Nevertheless, there is something about the welcome or joining bonuses that you do need to have a clear comprehension of. Most of the time, those bonuses appear with some stipulations. Thus, if you are a freshman and hardly have info about the bonuses and wagers, it is better to start with the non-sticky bonuses. Wagering rules stick by the bonuses all the time. That is why you need to study the whole procedure to avert contradictory situations.

Casumo Live Casino: overview

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Casumo welcomes its players with a 225 percent bonus and 20 percent extra for BTC or Neosurf deposits. You can enter the code and redeem the offer in the Cashier and Bonuses section. As soon as you make a deposit you can grab the offer with a maximum cash out of 30 times the deposit.

Payouts at Casumo Live Casino

Payouts at Casumo Live Casino are fast and simple as it is. After you receive your winnings - they will be available at your Casumo account. Then, you can withdraw the cash using third-party e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Bitcoin, or using other methods such as the same method online casinos used to deposit your money.

In case you choose to withdraw the forex income into your respective Skrill account, but if you want to withdraw funds from Skrill to any Indian bank account directly then you have some problems.

  1. WIthdraw fees are very high (13% of the fund you withdraw).
  2. It takes 5–7 business days for Skrill to add funds into the bank account.

An important one is most of the times banks will send notice to provide a source of income of these funds and in some cases, banks will freeze such bank accounts. To overcome this you can approach a good exchanger and withdraw from Skrill so you can eliminate the risk of banks auditing and the exchange fee will be very less, hardly 2–3 %. And even if the transfer is instant, you don't have to wait for weeks

Best Casumo game to start with

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Blackjack is one of the most famous games because of the thrill it offers. Players can enjoy playing blackjack on some of the excellent gambling sites which offer stunning bonuses and an enticing user experience.

Casumo Live Casino provides the highest odds, and the game has a low house edge compared to other casino games. Moreover, since the game process is managed by the Live Dealer - it is very clear and there will never be cheating by the software system. This factor can not be underestimated by the players caring about their safety and security.

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