Teen Patti has really grabbed the attention of Indian casino players in recent times. Part of the reason for this is that it’s basically Poker but with an Indian feel to it. This has really allowed players in India to connect with the game. Because of this, it means that lots of new Indian players have gravitated towards playing Teen Patti rather than Poker and other online casino games. So, what is Teen Patti and how can you get access to play it?

Teen Patti Online
Teen Patti has really grabbed the attention of Indian casino players in recent times

What are the Rules of the Game?

Teen Patti is a Poker variant that can be played by up to 10 players at a time. The game starts by dealing out 3 cards to all of the players. Then there will be a betting round, where players can place wagers based on the strength of their hand. Because there are just three cards in each hand it means that the best hand you can get is three of a kind. This is obviously very different to other Poker games because there’s no opportunity to develop long runs and other strong hands.

This does make it a little bit simpler than Poker, which is what has helped to make it so appealing to players. It’s very easy for players to get into and offers plenty of fun and enjoyable gameplay.

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Why do Players Love it?

Put simply, Teen Patti is easy to play and is very fast paced. With just a single betting round, and easy to understand paytables, there’s no complications like there can be with Poker. It ensures that players can get right into the game and begin playing without having to learn a large number of different rules.

However, there are also quite a lot of different variations of Teen Patti out there for players to enjoy. Here’s a quick rundown of some variations and what they offer.

Joker Teen Patti - In this variation the dealer will put another card into the middle after each player has been dealt their hand. If you have any cards that are equal to the rank of the card in the middle then those cards will be wild cards, which makes it significantly easier to create winning hands.

Joker Teen Patti
Lowest Card Joker

Lowest Card Joker - In this version of the game the lowest card in your hand will instantly become a wild card. So if you have a pair of Kings and a Three, the three would become wild and create three of a kind of Kings.

Teen Patti Variations
Lowest Card Joker

AK47 - No, it’s not a gun. In this version of Teen Patti the Ace, King, Four and Seven all act as wild cards. This means that players can easily create fantastic hands while playing. It allows for excellent hands to be made by players on almost every deal.


King Little - This is a wild and fast paced version of Teen Patti. In this version all Kings are wild and the lowest card in each hand is wild. So if you are dealt a King then it means you instantly have three of a kind. It’s great fun and really mixes things up.

King Little
King Little

Where to Play Teen Patti

Playing Teen Patti is really simple. You just have to load up your favorite online casino and you can start playing instantly. Here you will be able to play lots of different variations of the game as well as just the standard edition. What’s also fantastic is the ability to play both against players and against dealers. Both games offer slightly different experiences but are both plenty of fun. It’s just a case of looking over what they offer and seeing which is best for you.

Play Teen Patti
You just have to load up your favorite online casino and you can start playing instantly

Teen Patti Against a Dealer

Playing Teen Patti just against the dealer is very similar to playing Video Poker. Here you will be dealt a hand and from there you will be given a payout based on what your hand is. Different versions of the game will give different payouts, so it’s important to look over what the paytables are so that you can get the best version of the game. In this game you’re the only player involved so you don’t have to worry about betting rounds and what other people might have.

Teen Patti Against Players

Playing this version of the game means that you will be competing against other players. So unlike the version that’s against the dealer, you won’t be given a payout just for having a good hand. If someone else manages to top your hand then they will be the winner. However, you do have a bit more control over your betting and the game is much closer to a traditional casino experience. There are also live casino versions of the game that can be played. These offer even more immersion and are great for players who enjoy the ability to play with as much realism as possible.