If you are a desi gambler enough, then you must have heard of Teen Patti. Also referred to as the Indian Poker, Teen Patti is arguably the most popular card game in India and for several generations. Its name, Teen Patti, implies three cards, an accurate description of this card game as each player strives to make the best 3-card hand.

Alternative Teen Patti Games
If you are a desi gambler enough, then you must have heard of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is widely used as a form of entertainment in festive celebrations and family gatherings in India. Apart from the standard version of Teen Patti, there are several exciting variations of Teen Patti that you can play. They include:

1. Kiss-Miss-Bliss

In Kiss-Miss-Bliss you put two cards to make a joker while the dealer deals five cards to each player. You can make three jokers while playing the game; miss, kiss and bliss. If a pair has the same numbers, it's called bliss. A pair with two consecutive numbers is a kiss. Miss is a pair that is missing one in the sequence. It's a game that doesn't require skills, you only need to be guided, and you're good to go.

Kiss Miss Bliss

2. In-Out

The game begins with each player putting two counters in the middle. Each player is then dealt three cards, and three jokers are open on the table.

In Out

The players take turns to choose either in or out. If the player is out, their cards are considered new jokers and used to replace the previous ones. If two or more players are in "in," the games will be compared, and a joker picked. Whoever has the highest game wins.

3. 3-2-1

3-2-1 is a variant, and here, players are dealt six cards each. Your work is to arrange your cards into three separate games.

3 2 1

The first and second games have 3 and 2 cards consecutively. The last game has a single card, and the winner is the person with the highest card.

When the cards are arranged, the game begins. If you win two or more of the rounds, then you're the winner.

4. High-low split

In this Teen Patti variant, the player with the lowest and the highest hand divides the pot. One unique thing with this game is that all players remain to the end; none is eliminated during the game round. The first play is between 3-4 rounds of betting, and no player is allowed to fold. Then there can be a showdown after.

High Low Split

5. Community

There are two versions of this game; the 3-card and 5-card community. Players are dealt with 2- face-down, and 1- face-up card referred to as the community card.

With the 5- card version, each player is dealt 2 face-down and 3 face-up cards. To make a complete hand, you have to choose two face ups and a face- down.

6. Temperature

It's a variant derived from the "in-out."

Each player is dealt 3 cards, and 3 jokers are open on the table. As a player, you must state whether you're "in" or "out." To show this, you put your thumb down for "out" and up for "in."

Once the players declare their choice of "in" or "out," the temperature card, which is between A and 6, is drawn and open. The one with the lowest hand wins the game. However, a temperature card of between 7 and K wins the game with the highest hand.

Temperature game

Before you choose any game, it is vital that you get to know the rules first. Then think about your chances of winning as well as your interest. Most importantly, choose a game where you'll derive the most inspiration.

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