Horror is a genre that sees very little global interest, but this does not stop the horror community from enjoying all that the genre has to offer anyway.

Traditionally, horror is mainly presented in literature or movies, but it has another form that many people have fallen in love with. The combination of horror and video games is unique in that it is arguably the one way in which horror is most effective. Before video games, horror was simply observed by audiences, whether they read it or watch it. With video games, horror becomes something the audience experiences, and they can typically dictate whether they survive or not.

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While the horror genre within the video game community is not massive, there is still a massive catalog of options to choose from as over the years, many developers have taken a stab at making a scary game. Some of the most well-known examples are classics such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil and more recently, Amnesia.

As most will know, people enjoy accessing all kinds of entertainment, such as gambling. Even for those who don’t know how to gamble, the internet is great for teaching aspiring players how to play online slots and other games. Just as surely as people enjoy gambling, some people also enjoy the feeling of being scared, which is why the horror genre can exist.

Many video games within the horror category are great and scary to play, but it might surprise some to learn that even other video games that aren’t marketed as horror at all can have horror elements within them, and in some cases, this juxtaposition can be even scarier than an outright horror game. Here are a few of some of these examples.

Final Fantasy XV

The fifteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series features a band of friends who travel the world in an attempt to save it from Niflheim, an imperialist nation that seeks to expand its empire increasingly further. For the most part, it is a light-hearted game, but certain dungeons transform this atmosphere into pure horror. The abandoned mine at the start of this game is the best example of the sudden switch that can occur within this game.

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This is a game that needs no introduction as it is currently second on the bestselling video games of all-time list. The worlds in Minecraft are generally empty, but some might be aware of an internet legend called Herobrine, who is said to haunt the worlds of Minecraft players. While this has never been confirmed, the game can sometimes feel unsettling, especially considering the world is so empty.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is another popular game that is enjoyed by many, but it does have some moments that prove to be terrifying. A regular opponent in the game is the Frostbite Spider, which are massive arachnids that aim to kill the player. There are also some unsettling dungeons that create a feeling of dread, such as Frostflow Lighthouse.

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These games were never marketed as horror, which is why the scary moments within them are so terrifying for gamers when they occur. Of course, this should not put new gamers off of these series as they are simply some of the best options to play in all of gaming.

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