Playing mobile games is, without a doubt, one of the favorite pastimes for youngsters and seniors alike. There’s a great variety of mobile games you can choose from, ranging from gambling games like Ruby Fortune Casino in New Zealand to games that are all about solving puzzles or passing levels.

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The overall advancement of our technology and the new, modern smartphones made playing video games possible on our mobile phones. Therefore, we can be on the move, waiting for the bus, waiting at the doctor’s, or else, and play our favorite video games.

Now, if you’ve just acquired a new mobile phone or want to try out something fun on your existing phone, we have some ideas to share with you. Namely, we’ve decided to compose a list of the top three games which are a must-try on your mobile phone, regardless of whether you’re planning to travel or just want a creative pastime at home.

List of the top three must-try mobile games

Undoubtedly, the gaming world boomed during the pandemic as more and more people had to resort to finding creative things to do at home. In line with this, many people search for the best and most innovative games to play to help the time pass. Luckily for you, we’ve made an exciting pick. The top three games you have to try on your mobile divide are as follows:


You can download alpha bear for free, but you may face some costly in-app purchases. The game is straightforward. You build costumes for bears and use power-ups and bonuses as you go along. At the end of each level, a bear will give you a handful of interesting words, excellent for expanding your vocabulary.

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Threes is a simple game. The goal is to combine numbers to form bigger ones but never fill the board. The design isn’t complicated, which is why you can play Threes wherever and whenever. It won’t soak up too much of your attention.

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Alto’s adventure

This game is beautiful in its design. You’ll see mountain vistas, hillsides, and llamas. There will be snowboarding and older people who will try to push you down a hillside. Your goal is to survive in the changing cycle of day and night. Alto’s Adventure is an excellent pastime for all age ranges.

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