The mobile gaming industry knows no crisis. There have never been better times for this sector. The global revenue in this market reached almost 80 billion dollars last year. Recent data points that about 21% of all Android downloads and 25% of iOS downloads are games. What does the future look like for mobile games?

A Few More Numbers

We don’t mean to numb you, but some more statistics will better picture this market. Consider that almost half of the world’s population has at least one smartphone. Also, consider 90% of smartphone owners have access to mobile internet. It means a market of about 4.28 billion users worldwide.

With such growth potential, mobile gambling has been attracting a lot of attention and investment. More and more developers are turning their brains to mobile-friendly platforms, like Comeon India. More social games for mobile appear every day, fighting for their share of this multi-billion dollars market.

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The Way Forward

The entertainment industry is always hand in hand with the latest tech developments. Augmented reality, virtual reality, 5G, and ever-better mobile devices empower creativity and innovation. Indeed, those tools will shape the games of the future, but how? Here are the Top 5 trends of the mobile gaming industry.

Come As You Are

Digital technology is developing to the point that it won’t matter the kind of device you’re using. Any game will run similarly on Android, iOS, and all major consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation. So, compatibility issues will soon be a problem from the past.

More Ads

We know no one is excited about it. Yet, it’s common sense that such a vast market should attract major brands advertising their products. Typically, those ads come between levels or offering in-game rewards. Approximately 62% of mobile gamblers click on reward videos, showing how effective this strategy can be.


Better connectivity and mobile devices amount to better communication. Better communication favors social games, thus favouring eSports. eSports is an emerging niche, but it’s already causing a splash. Last year, the global revenue in the sector went over 1 billion dollars.

Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go was only the beginning. Games that mix reality with virtual characters are gaining traction. Gamers are expecting to see more options combining AR with a 5G connection, plus cloud gaming. VR games are following the same trend.

From Mobile-Friendly to Mobile-Focused

In the recent past, game developers would put their best efforts into titles for PC and top consoles. Mobile devices would come as a second thought, with versions that didn’t live up to their original’s quality. Now, titles like Tomb Raider, GTA, and many others are available for the best smartphones with pretty much the same gameplay. New titles could be released simultaneously for different consoles and devices.


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The most vital trends in the sector seem to converge to more realistic, interactive, and social games. Multiplayer games with dozens of simultaneous participants will become more popular. Those games will attract more audiences and even specialized in betting. Digital technology is developing fast, and the mobile gaming industry seems ready to incorporate every new trick.

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