If you have been away from Twitch for over a month, there’s a new feature everyone is talking about. And it’s the reason why suddenly every channel has crazy quizzes like “Will I finish this large pizza in five minutes? Or “Will I get the first kill on CS: GO?”

Twitch wants to help streamers interact with their fans in many ways without using third-party apps. Will the new system help? According to the latest statistics, channel points, including the new feature—channel points— are a success so far.

What are Twitch Channel Points?

Channel points are incentives streamers use to attract new subscribers and encourage loyal fans to be more interactive. They’ve been around for over one year. But they’ve got more popularity now that there’s a new exciting way to use them.

Twitch Channel Points

How to earn Twitch Channel Points

For the uninitiated, earning Twitch channel points is pretty easy. All you need is to watch a live broadcast on a channel that gives out these points. On many channels, you earn 10 to 50 points for watching a broadcast for at least five minutes.

When you subscribe to a channel, you earn 300 loyalty points. Think of it as a welcome gift. After that, you have more ways to earn points by accomplishing simple tasks. For example, you get 250 points if you participate in a Twitch raid.

You receive 250 points if you watch two streams in a row. You get 350 points if you make it three, 400 points for four streams and 450 points for five consecutive streams. In case you’re wondering, a watching streak must meet these requirements:

  • Watch 10+ minutes
  • Take 30-minute breaks between streams

As mentioned, subscribed fans get more points than non-subscribed watchers. And if you support a specific channel by paying for subscriptions ($4.99, $9.99 or $24.99), you get 1.25x, 1.4x or 2x more points than regular fans.

Twitch Points Predictions

Twitch introduced point predictions early November. The new feature lets fans bet on quizzes and questions asked by streamers in exchange for a share of all spent points if they get the questions correctly.

Find a comprehensive guide on Twitch points predictions on this page. You’ll also get clarity on the ongoing debate regarding whether betting on twitch channel points is a form of gambling. News flash: it’s not.

By law, gambling involves risking money or something valuable in exchange for money or another item of value. Channel points have zero monetary value. So, even if you use the points prediction service to win 10,000 points, it doesn’t count as gambling.

That said, chat point predictions are a fun way to interact with your favorite channels. They could involve non-gaming related questions like how fast a stream can drink a glass of water. Or they could be gaming-related. Regardless, they add more excitement to watching eSports channels.

What Else are Channel Points good for?

Channel owners decide rewards fans can claim through channel points. Some rewards are custom-made so that you can’t claim them on a different channel.

  • A message highlighting feature: it makes your messages prominent to attract more attention. The feature is available for 24 hours.
  • A random or modified emote: you can unlock a random sub emote and use it for one day. Emoticons cost different amounts, but they’re generally cheap.
  • Activate sub-only on your Twitch messages. This allows you to interact with only subscribed fans even when you might not be a paying subscriber.

Twitch Custom Rewards

The best Twitch channels offer customized rewards you can unlock with your chat points. The rewards vary widely, from playing with inverted controls to petting dogs on live broadcast. As a fan, you can’t always decide how to redeem your points.

Twitch Custom Rewards

You can only redeem points based on the option a streamer provides. Some channels could let you redeem points for a shout out to a friend. Others give you the option to choose the map they should play.

Because chat points are cheap, you can unlock many custom rewards without depleting your points’ balance. After all, you only need to watch more broadcasts and participate in raid to replenish your points.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Twitch channel points program can be a bit confusing to new fans. Read these answers to frequently asked Questions to understand more on how they work. We’ve also included a couple of questions related to Twitch’s point predictions feature.

How do Twitch Channel Points work?

Channel points are like gifts. You get points when you watch a live broadcast, participate in a raid or follow a new channel. Subscribed fans get up to double the points non-subscribers receive. The points can then be used to redeem default and customized rewards.

Are Points available on all Twitch channels?

Only half of all Twitch channels can give out channel points. So, don’t be surprised if your favorite channel doesn’t have this program. However, it could also be that the channel owner has disabled the channel points’ feature.

Why is your points’ redemption request on a queue?

Many channels approve redemption requests for customized rewards manually. So, if there are too many requests during a live broadcast, you can be added to a queue. And that means you must wait for a few minutes before your request is approved.

Are channel point predictions worth it?

Channel point predictions involve risking some of your points in a betting-like system. For that reason, you can win or lose in a competition. Although you can lose your points, channel point predictions are a great way to engage with streamers.

Are channel points predictions equal to gambling?

Channel points predictions are not similar to gambling. Money or something worth real value has to be used to call it gambling. However, channel points are technically worthless outside of the Twitch platform.


If you find a Twitch channel with live broadcast points; click the follow button. You’ll get 300 points immediately. And if you watch some of the channel’s live broadcasts, you’ll get more points you can redeem for fun gifts.