There has always been a huge variety in the game types and interests found on Twitch particularly as different platforms change and allow newer streamers to fill gaps in the market, one space that has always been a bit hit or miss with rules changing on how content can be managed is within the gambling space – but there has been a growing gambling community for quite some time.

The first instance of this came through with Counter-Strike and the loot box craze that has remained throughout the game’s history – some huge names have come and gone from the platform off the back of this, more experience viewers will remember names like PhantomL0rd who had been one of the biggest case opening streamers and promoted it to a huge audience, through to recent names like Trainwreckstv who had very much done the same – if anything this period of time had allowed for different forms of gambling to become more predominant on the platform as there has been a rise in different services and bigger names that have made the shift.

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Twitch has a strict policy to keep the platform family-friendly

From the same community and once a big case opening streamer himself, names like m0e have recently made the adjustment to become one of the biggest twitch casino streamers sharing a wide variety of content largely through slots whilst doing bigger giveaways and offering opportunities for viewer involvement too, but certainly isn’t the only big name to do so. Some fans will remember the days where streamers like sodapoppin explored the growing world of live dealers for different casino card games, and other recent names like LetsGiveItASpin have recently used their own success through casino streaming to launch charity streams most recently to focus on the ongoing pandemic and raising money for the WHO COVID-Solidarity Response Fund.

That’s not to say there haven’t been challenges to overcome, however, as early as 2018 many had voiced concerns about the lack of guidelines in the streaming platforms casino space – with little control over who can view the category and fewer guidelines on the actual act of streaming gambling content, it has become a bit of a wasps nest of what to expect. Change may eventually come, however, as this past year has been focussed on raising awareness within the gambling space and providing opportunities for problem players to avoid the services, with some countries placing restrictions on advertising and play options for some and Twitch’s recent move to clarify its position on many different aspects of the platform could signal change – however as nothing has been made clear yet, many of the big streamers are continuing to find increasing success, particularly as casinos have been thriving in popularity for the past few years.