Ubisoft had a major challenge with 'Watch Dogs 2'. On the one hand, it had to amend the shortcomings of the first, meanwhile, it had to make a franchise that could give some breathing space to 'Assassin's Creed'. With the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion on the horizon, this Watch Dog 2 review believes it had succeeded.

The result is, to say the least, surprising, keeping the idea of hackers in an open world but taking it from a much more casual perspective that feels like a fable in the mix. This Watch Dog 2 PS4 review notices how everything is hardly ever taken seriously and that's just what it needed to be a cool and fun sandbox.

We're not attempting to do a Watch Dogs 2 IGN review in terms of style and content, so sit back and read through our own take on what makes Watch Dogs 2 special.

Watch Dog 2 Review

The Secret to Success: Don't Be So Serious

Do not expect here a script with twists and dramatics. In fact, the few times that it attempts to do so it doesn't quite pull it off. Here we control Marcus, a hacker who has been accused by a security system very similar to that of the Minority Report pre-crimes.

Watch Dog 2 Review GTA 5 Comparison

In this Watch Dog 2 PC review, we have to point out that instead of using visions of the future, an analytics program that reaches everything electronic in the city creates statistics to mark possible criminals that could be related to illegal practices in the future.

Watch Dog 2 Review

Cinematic Action, Trump Jokes, and Mr. Robot-style Hacktivism

Mixing cinematic action with Anonymous or Mr. Robot style hacktivism, our protagonist is recruited by an organization that fights this injustice by uncovering lies, busting servers, embracing the armed struggle thanks to a 3D printer and printing large propaganda posters that we can deploy in strategic points of the city.

We changed from Chicago to San Francisco, which is a much more recognizable and popular aesthetic for the public who live far from the life of North Americans. Alcatraz, Golden Gate, large-scale graffiti and steep streets are things we all recognize from other works of fiction.

Watch Dog 2 Review

Watch Dog 2 is Fun But With Untapped Potentials

It would have been nice to say the city is a main feature of the game in the same way that the fictional Los Santos from 'GTA V' was, but the iconic locations mostly assumed how lucky we are to recognize certain points of the city, so almost the entire adventure is focused on the interiors.

Watch Dog 2 Review GTA 5 Comparison

Yes, there is the typical racing through streets that would leave any sedentary person stiff and a visit to a Google parody in Silicon Valley, but as it is a game less focused on chases and more on the stealth strategy of entering a site and get out undetected. So the trips from one place to another stop being interesting as soon as you discover that you can take quick trips to stores near missions.

Unfortunately, whether we are doing a Watch Dog 2 PC review or a Watch Dog 2 Gold Edition review, this is a fundamental flaw in the game that is present throughout all the different versions.

Watch Dog 2 Review

Hacking in Watch Dog 2 is Just Great

The possibilities of hacking are enormous and that makes each mission an identical and different challenge at the same time. The hacking action is where the game especially shines, getting closer to the idea of ​​the quintessential hacking using our phone for almost anything we can imagine.

Opening doors, distracting enemies, activating our own or stage traps, monitoring patrols from a distance, creating false police reports that deploy patrols in search of an enemy that is stopping us from entering another room, the list goes on and on.

Watch Dog 2 Review Verdict: A Massive Improvement on the First

The feeling of power when you reach the last leg of an adventure that is not at all brief is tremendous. The whole game is transformed into a show in which you call in rival gangs, shut down all the lights in the area, or stop your enemies by bursting their headphones with a buzz that leaves them shaking

Watch Dog 2 Review GTA 5 Comparison

The kind of action where you leave behind a trail of dead, burning cars, and large sums of money transferred to a bank account that we will use for new vehicles, clothes, and weapons.

Where the first installment left a bitter aftertaste based on falsehoods and a lack of ideas, 'Watch Dogs 2' stands out with addictive gameplay and one of those consciously absurd scripts that may be able to put a grin on your face.

Ubisoft's mistakes with its new franchise weren't enough to make us want to see how far it could evolve. And all the new and positive changes have made us even more eager to see how far Watch Dogs Legion can go. Chances are we will be even more satisfied.

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