The Game Of Golf
The game of golf has been taken to some farfetched and wacky places by video game developers

Some sports transition over into the realm of video games better than others, but really there is no excuse for why there have not been more golf video game titles over the years. After all, there are no tricky on-pitch dynamics at play, as there are in team sports such as soccer, football, or hockey.
Despite many game developers shying away from golf, there are some that have taken it upon themselves to either ape the great sport as accurately as possible, or to use aspects of it to create something altogether different.
Here are some of the greatest golf video games ever made:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Tiger Woods has been in one spot of bother after another in recent years, as the trappings of fame gradually took him off course, quite literally in some cases. That said, there is no getting away from the fact that he is still the most famous golfer on the planet. His masterful comeback victory at the 2019 US Masters proved it, and fans all around the world celebrated his return to form.
Long before 2019, though, Woods was putting his name to perhaps the most seminal golf video game ever made, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005.

The game was released in the same year that Woods won both The Open and the US Masters, and there are plenty of fans who still play the game to this day. It is also the perfect way for Woods’ followers to dream about their man making yet another comeback, to stun the people who create the 2021 US Masters winner betting odds or write previews and tips columns.

PGA Tour 2K2

Flash forward to the present day, and there are games out there that exist for mobile and console that are getting closer and closer to fully reflecting the real-life golf experience.

One of those is PGA Tour 2K21, which combines stunningly realistic graphics with the sort of in-depth gameplay that true golf fans will adore. It can take a little time to get to grips with all the controls and game mechanics, but once a player has them memorized the payoff is most certainly worth it.

The Golf Club 2

A direct competitor to PGA Tour 2K21 is The Golf Club 2, which also takes the approach of trying to portray golf as accurately as possible on screen.
The greatness of this game is the connectivity it brings to the fore. It allows players to compete wherever they may be in the world, and to create something resembling an online version of the PGA Tour. The game can even be played using a VR headset and hand controllers.

Modern Golf Video Games
The level of realism in some modern golf video games is so life-like that it is hard to differentiate from the live tournaments people watch on TV

What the Golf

For those gamers who want to leave golf out on the fairways and greens, and experience something altogether different when they play video games, What The Golf is a great place to start. The game’s physics really is something to behold, and there is even the possibility for players to design their own course or hole.

Dangerous Golf

Golf tends not to be a dangerous sport unless you play on a course where the water features are populated by giant alligators.

However, Dangerous Golf brings that vibe to every aspect of the game. The aim is for players to exact as much damage to a course as possible, with the humble golf ball turning into a fiery wrecking ball. Players wreak havoc everywhere from a mansion’s dining hall to museum exhibition halls.

Everybody Golf

Sometimes a game can stand out purely for its simplicity. Everybody Golf is certainly one such title. Its 3-button control function means people with no understanding of the game can join in.
This makes Everybody Golf a perfect gateway for people who want to play golf video games.