The United States of America have continued to shift their thoughts on sports betting to a more positive one in recent years, as more and more states within the nation have looked into or have already created legislation for the betting activity to take place.

While CO sports betting launched in 2020, New Jersey’s Supreme Court victory back in 2018 got the ball moving, as their win meant that any state could look to legalize sports betting for their own population. Indeed, many of them have since followed suit and have decided to try and get a slice of the revenue that can be generated from the ever-growing industry.

Us State
Us State

Although there are still a number of states yet to fully commit to introducing or drawing up legislation to allow for sports betting to happen, a total of 20 states and Washington, D.C. have already introduced measures that make it legal within their borders to capitalize on the interest of the big three sports in the states, the NFL, the NBA, and MLB.

Here are the states to have already legalized sports betting in the US, although it would not be a surprise to see this list grow further throughout the duration of 2021, especially given the current financial situation being experienced in the country.

1.  Nevada

Nevada was the only state to allow sports betting to be legally conducted for decades, however, they have since been joined at the table by 19 other states. In fact, with how well they have regulated it and been successful, it would not be a surprise if other states looked at them for guidance.

2. Delaware

Delaware were one of the first to make the move to legalize sports betting as soon as possible once New Jersey won their court battle

3. New Jersey

New Jersey, unsurprisingly, followed suit shortly and saw a number of top sportsbooks open up operations in the state almost immediately, with the likes of William Hill and FanDuel both set up in the region just weeks after the rulings were made.

4. Mississippi

Mississippi was already waiting for favorable sports betting legislation, as they created a law in 2017 to allow it to happen. In August 2018, MGM Resorts had their first sportsbook bets placed, although bets can only be placed in person.


5. West Virginia

West Virginia became the fifth state to offer legal and regulated sports betting within their state when Hollywood Casino opened their doors at the end of August 2018.

6. New Mexico

It was not until mid-October 2018 when the sixth US state allowed for sports betting, with New Mexico started to take bets on sporting events.

7. Pennslyvania

With a year having passed since Governor Tom Wolf signed a sports betting bill into law, the Hollywood Casino registered their first sports bet in November 2018.

8. Rhode Island

Rhode Island allows for bettors to place a sports bet on their mobile device, as well as in person, as they became the eighth US state to pass legislation. However, only two physical locations within the state would allow for sports betting to take place.

Rhode Island
Rhode Island

9. Arkansas

July 2019 saw the state of Arkansas take their first sports bet, thus making them the ninth to do so.

10. New York

In the same month, New York had their first legal sports bets placed. Lawmaker, Gary Pretlow was the first person to do so, although the opening of the first legal sportsbook came six years after New York had already passed a law to allow sports betting at four different locations.

11. Iowa

Multiple operators entered the Iowa market as soon as they passed legislation to allow sports betting to take place within the state, with the first of the bets coming in the middle of August 2019. Iowa has some of the more-relaxed laws, with college sports betting permitted - as is mobile betting - although operators have to pay a fee to operate and then pay additional tax on revenues made.

12. Oregon

Oregon had already allowed for sports betting to take place at one point, however, the introduction of the bill meant they decided to return to their former operations. With no new further legislation within the state being required, it was pretty simple for residents to get involved.

Oregon City

13. Indiana

Indiana began to accept sports bets at the beginning of September 2019, with the Indiana Gaming Commission overseeing all sports betting regulations. Wagering on sports played by college students or professionals is permitted, but esports and high school sports are banned. Bettors are allowed to use their mobile devices to place a bet.

14. New Hampshire

The end of 2019 marked New Hampshire’s beginning to the world of legal sports betting, as Governor Chris Sununo placed a wager on the New England Patriots.

15. Illinois

March 2020 saw the introduction of legal sports betting to Illinois, coming a year after a broad gaming bill had been introduced to allow for both online and in-person sports betting. Betting has also been allowed to take place at sporting stadia as well, thus allowing sports bettors to place wagers as they watch the action live at the venue.

16. Michigan

Michigan opened its doors to legal sports betting on March 11, 2020. This happened just three months after governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the “Lawful Sports Betting Act” into law.


17. Montana

March also saw Montana allow sports betting to happen when Governor Steve Bullock signed a 28-page bill into law that allows sports wagering to happen via the state’s lottery.

18. Colorado

As mentioned, Colorado introduced sports betting laws in 2020 as well, with theirs coming at the beginning of May. Multiple operators allowed members of the US state to open up accounts online and place wagers through their services.

19. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. became the 19th state to permit sports betting in the United States of America, as the D.C. Lottery launched its “GameBetDC” platform. This meant punters were able to bet on all major sports around the world from their mobile and internet devices.


20. Tennessee

Tennessee became the latest US state to allow for sports wagering to be permitted when they saw online regulated sports operators launch in November. The state is a little unique compared to others as all sports betting activity can only be conducted online, as there are no physical casino establishments available in the state.