Just when no one thinks that 2020 can't be any darker than this with the coronavirus pandemic, more bad things start to appear.

Gaming and esports are among the least affected industries during the pandemic. Some even thrive because people have nothing to do when they are staying home under lockdown. But no, recently, the gaming community has been hit by something else that is just as dangerous as the virus, the #MeToo movement and feminism.

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Byron Bernstein

Reckful last Tweets before he killed himself

In one of the latest incidents, a famous Hearthstone/ WoW Twitch streamer called Reckful has ended his own life after being accused of sexual harassment by a small girl streamer called IndieFoxx. With a history of mental issues and depression, it seems that the incident was too much for him to bear. A source close to IndieFoxx says that she had threatened to expose him by revealing his name days before he died.


IndieFoxx has quickly deleted her TwitLonger after than but people still managed to screenshot it. However, there was no proof or anything of her story. A source close to Janelle “IndieFoxx” Dagres claims that she had threatened to expose him by dropping his name days before he died.


His fans and many people in the gaming community have been really upset about this incident. People are sharing loving messages to his family on social media for them to go through this tough time. Thousands of WoW players has gathered in the game to share their wishful thought about the streamer and to memorize him.


It all started out from a sexual harassment scandal in DOTA 2 concerning TobiWan, a famous DOTA 2 caster, and then it starts spreading to other games and even streamers. Multiple famous DOTA 2 casters, hosts have resigned from the scene because of one-side some allegations and vague stories in the past.

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