Some female streamers have attracted lots of viewers by singing and dancing. However, having to move their body a lot sometimes results in some embarrassing incidents. We have seen many streamers who have ended up embarrassing themselves on camera in front of the audience. While some of them did inappropriate things, others did it unintentionally like this female Chinese streamer, who … forgot to zip her pants.

Female Streamer Forgot To Zip Her Pants
Chinese streamer Minana

Minana, a female streamer of the Douyu platform known for her attractive body and hot choreography, unfortunately, had encountered a rare incident on her recent livestream. Before that, she was known as a professional streamer and was very careful with how to dress on camera. 


Female Streamer
Hot choreography of streamer Minana

To be more specific, on one of Minana’s recent livestreams, she had to change clothes twice to serve the requests by the audience. However, when switching to the second outfit, she forgot to zip her pants and unfortunately, that was quickly noticed by many viewers, and her channel’s chat started to explode.

Female Streamer Forgot To Zip Her Pants During Str
Having to change clothes quickly has led to an unfortunate incident

Shortly after that, her channel was locked. Many people spoke up for Minana on the chat that "this was an accident, not on purpose".

Female Streamer Forgot To Zip Her Pants 2
Minana's channel was quickly locked after this incident

Upon her return, Minana apologized and explained to her audience that this is the first accident she has encountered since starting her career as a streamer and thanked those who have supported her.

Female Streamer Forgot To Zip Her Pants 3
The female streamer explained about the incident that just happened

Such incidents like this are not uncommon and each streamer will have a different way of handling the situation. Do you think this incident was unintentional or she deserves a ban for that?