The PogChamps Chess Tournament is making this sport a hot game in the world. Many gamers and streamers all over the world are playing chess, including Pokimane. Moreover, she has impressed the famous pro chess player GMHikaru with her skills and left him speechless.

Pokimane Impressed GMHikaru With Her Chess Skills

Polkimane plays a lot of hot and trending games in the world on her live-stream. In a recent live-stream, the beautiful streamer made a chess pro player drop his jaw. The streamer said she is a beginner in chess. But chess prodigy commented that her skill was not "normal". She impressed the prodigy with her natural chess ability.

Pokimane Play Chess With Pro Player
Pokimane Learned and Play Chess With Pro Player GMHikaru.

A lot of streamers and YouTubers are playing chess on their broadcasts or videos, making this game more popular than ever before for the past few months. Follow this trend, Pokimane is also playing this game on her live-stream. Talking about her chess skill, GMHikaru praised Pokimane as a genius in this sport because she can pick out patterns, moves, and potential checkmates.

Pokimane Learned Chess
GMHikaru Taught Pokimane Chess Online.

Although the beautiful streamer is a new chess player, she has still got essential skills in this game. She has learned to play chess for about one week and has not played many games. It proved that Pokimane has a great talent in chess when she could predict moves and patterns that only veterans can do.

He Praised Her Talent In This Game
He Praised Her Talent In This Game

GMHikaru also taught the streamer some other professional skills, such as bait moves. The young girl can also learn it quickly and pick up those bait moves rapidly. The chess prodigy commented that Pokimane had a natural talent in this game and she could level up in this game with that ability.

Pokimane Talent
She can level up in this game rapidly

Normal people will need more time to learn those moves and patterns that Pokimane has learned in just one week.